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Thomas Bradley / WOSU News

Researchers at Ohio State University say food waste is a serious problem in America. Yet nearly half of the people they recently surveyed don’t think they contribute to food waste, and many believe they’re doing the right thing by throwing food away. 

Last month, Ohio State University announced a plan that would invest $100 million in programs with the greatest potential for impact in their fields. The goal is to help increase OSU's visibility as a research institution. The initiative tries to attack some of the world's most pressing problems and questions, from climate change to the fundamental nature of the universe.

A national physicians group is calling on Ohio State University alumni to boycott the university because it continues to teach a course on spinal cord injuries that uses mice and rats.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or PCRM calls on Ohio State to cancel its Spinal Cord Injury Techniques Course which is funded by a National Institutes of Health grant.

PCRM says the course requires students to expose the spinal columns of mice and rates and drop weights on them in an attempt to imitate human spinal cord injuries.

OSU officials say a new crop of faculty members promises to make the university a leader in biomedical and engineering research.

OSU has seen a recent influx in new faculty members - particularly in science and engineering. Eric Westervelt, a professor of mechanical engineering who joined the faculty last year, says he was stunned by the number of new hires.

He says his department, which had 45 professors, hired five new faculty members last year.