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Ohio Senate

Ohio Senate President-Elect Larry Obhof

A new session of the General Assembly starts in January, and that will mean some new leaders in the Ohio Senate.

Backers of a bill that would allow for expanded use of in-car breathalyzers for those convicted of drunk driving are hoping state senators will take action on the measure soon.


  Ohio Republican Senator Shannon Jones argues that the legislation will allow Ohio to improve its programs for better birth rates.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Aug 15, 2016
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both released their economic plans for the country if elected to the White House. Clinton takes a slight lead in the Ohio Polls. Also, Ohio's Senate race become the most expensive in the nation; Portman takes a large lead. Further, ECOT fights back claiming the state violated student privacy in their attempt to audit the online school.

After nearly twenty years of trying, backers of a bill to allow medical marijuana in the Buckeye state are celebrating a historic vote by the Ohio Legislature, and is headed to the governor.

A state Senate panel has delayed making changes to a proposal that would legalize medical marijuana in Ohio. 

A long-time Republican state lawmaker from northeast Ohio is drawing criticism for questioning his female primary opponent's interest in serving in the Legislature while she is raising young children.

Ohio Secretary of State's office

A national political expert visited Columbus to talk about the push to change the way state lawmakers’ districts are drawn, and it’s an opportunity to achieve something rare in this country.

Ohio Senate lawmakers are considering a bill aimed at saving money and the amount of time some inmates spend in jail before sentencing.

A.G. Signs Off On Term Limit Petition Effort

Sep 9, 2015

A group that wants to reinforce term limits is one step closer to the ballot.

Ohio Senate Passes $71 Billion, 2-Year State Budget Proposal

Jun 25, 2015

State senators have passed a sweeping $71.2 billion, two-year budget that provides an income tax cut for Ohioans, funds public schools and seeks to change health care policies.

School Leaders Fear More Cuts In Senate Education Plan

Jun 11, 2015
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School districts that have relied on a tax on equipment purchased by local businesses want the Ohio Senate to add more money to its school funding plan to compensate for their expected losses. School officials say, without more state funds, local taxpayers will see tax hikes.

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Senate Republicans have unveiled their proposed two-year state budget that looks to eliminate all income taxes for a portion of small businesses' income, freeze tuition at state universities, and restore Medicaid health coverage for certain pregnant women and women with breast and cervical cancer.

Ohio Senators Review Plan To Cut Medicaid Coverage For Some

Jun 1, 2015

State senators are taking a hard look at a proposal in Gov. John Kasich's  budget that would eliminate Medicaid benefits for certain pregnant women and others who the administration says can get health insurance through the federal marketplace.

Trucks, Buses Could Travel At 75 Mph Under Ohio Senate Plan

Mar 18, 2015
75 mph
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State senators have given the green light to a proposal to increase the speed limit to 75 mph for all motorists on the Ohio Turnpike and rural interstates.

The plan is part of a $7 billion, two-year transportation budget that passed the Senate on a unanimous vote Wednesday.