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Football, CTE, and Concussions

Oct 20, 2017

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As the football season picks up, we explore the effects of injuries players take on in the gridiron. New science on diagnosing a brain disease afflicting players is making headlines. We look at the impact that stands to have on the game. 


The Senate has unanimously approved a bill called, “Judy’s Law.” It increases penalties and adds times onto sentences if an accelerant is used to intentionally disfigure a victim by setting that person on fire.

Karen Kasler

The issue of faith comes into state politics in issues such as abortion and health care. But faith leaders came to the Statehouse on Wednesday to speak out on another issue that hasn’t seen much action in nearly a decade: Payday lending.

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Senate Republicans in Ohio are ready to unveil their version of the state budget as a projected budget gap widens and a June 30 deadline looms.

Ohio Congressional Redistricting

Mar 21, 2017
Ohio Congressional Districts
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More than 71 percent of Ohio voters supported a new bipartisan system to redraw state legislative district lines. Issue 1 tackled gerrymandering at the Statehouse and won in all 88 counties in 2015. The issue was ultimately put on the backburner, with no action being taken by legislators in the Ohio House and Senate.

When the new General Assembly comes in this month, there will be fewer experienced lawmakers due to term limits. 

Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger

Ohio lawmakers won’t be coming back into the lame duck session to override Gov. John Kasich’s vetoes on controversial legislation.


A slew of bills that in other years might have been too controversial to touch not only got hearings at the Statehouse this year. They passed.

A handful of states have lame duck sessions, including Ohio.
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Dozens of the more than 1,000 bills proposed in the House and Senate this year passed in the lame duck session in the last two weeks. Among the bills that didn't make it, was one that aspired to put an end to the lame-duck session itself.

Abortion protest signs
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The Ohio Legislature has passed the second abortion bill this week. It bans abortion at 20 weeks of gestation.

The Ohio House and Senate finished their work as the 131st General Assembly with back-to-back-to-back marathon sessions -- passing a flurry of bills. Some were mundane, while others made headlines.

The Senate has passed a bill that makes it possible for people to carry concealed weapons onto college campuses and into daycares. 

Janet Folger Porter talks to Ohio Public Radio after passage of heartbeat bill in Ohio Senate .
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A bill that would ban abortion at the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected was passed late last night in the Ohio House. That vote came a few hours after it was suddenly approved in the Senate. And it got through the legislature in an unexpected way.

The Ohio Statehouse
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There seems to be friction among the Republican Party’s top leaders as the Senate rejects a major appointment by Gov. John Kasich.

The state’s top leaders are squaring off on a bill to change Ohio’s green energy policies, and the clock is ticking – a two year freeze on the state’s renewable energy standards for electric utilities expires in a few weeks.