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A group of white supremacists gather in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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Democrats in the state Legislature are supporting a new bill that would officially denounce white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

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There may have been occasional disagreements between Ohio’s Republican-dominated House and Senate and Republican Gov. John Kasich, but he’d issued more than a hundred vetoes in his seven years in office without one being overturned. Thursday, that changed dramatically.

A bill that would allow licensed permit holders to carry concealed weapons into gun-free zones unless they’re asked to leave is on its way to the Senate after passing the House. 

Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger
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Republican leaders in the Ohio House have a session scheduled for tomorrow morning. But there’s no word yet on whether lawmakers will try to override Gov. John Kasich’s line item vetoes in the state budget.

Abortion protesters at the Ohio Statehouse.
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A bill that would ban a common procedure used in most second trimester abortions is on its way to the full Ohio Senate after being voted out of committee Tuesday morning. But the vote didn’t come without some controversy.

Dog on restaurant patio
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If Ohio Rep. Laura Lanese of Grove City gets her way, Ohio eateries with patios would gain the ability to decide if they want to allow canine companions to accompany their humans to outside tables.

Ohio Governor John Kasich unveils the state budget on January 30, 2017.
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The House version of Gov. John Kasich’s budget comes out tomorrow, and it’s expected to include a lot of changes.

The Ohio Statehouse
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The Ohio House has ten days left to decide if they’ll override Gov. John Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat Bill.

The Ohio House has passed a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in the state. 

Year In Review: House Leaders Examine 2015, Look Ahead To 2016

Dec 24, 2015
WOSU composite

Over for the last few days of 2015, 89.7 NPR News is bringing you a series on the biggest stories in state government this year. Statehouse correspodent Karen Kasler continues that series in a conversation with leaders in the Ohio House.

Ohio Secretary of State's office

A national political expert visited Columbus to talk about the push to change the way state lawmakers’ districts are drawn, and it’s an opportunity to achieve something rare in this country.

A.G. Signs Off On Term Limit Petition Effort

Sep 9, 2015

A group that wants to reinforce term limits is one step closer to the ballot.

Republican leaders in the Ohio House say they’re on board with Gov. John Kasich’s proposed income tax cut, but don’t want to offset it with other tax increases.


Plans to allow fracking in Ohio state parks appear to be dead for now after lawmakers removed the provision from a bill making its way through the state legislature.