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During the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine appointments have increased dramatically to keep people away from hospitals and doctors’ offices. State and federal regulations have been relaxed to make these virtual visits more accessible than ever. Some question whether this new framework will be sustainable over the long term.

“Patients really like it, and we like the ease of being able to communicate with our patients, and now that everyone’s adjusting, I think it’s really nice," said Dr. Brittany Myers, a child and adolescent psychologist at MetroHealth.

 Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine
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After 17 days of overtime budget negotiations, lawmakers in the Ohio House and Senate have reached a $69 billion two-year spending deal.

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Federal regulators have asked the state to work on resolving its backlog of more than 70,000 applications from poor and disabled Ohioans seeking Medicaid benefits, according to the state's Medicaid director.

Mount Carmel West

The Ohio Department of Medicaid on Friday suspended the provider agreement of fired Mount Carmel doctor William Husel because of a "credible allegation of fraud."

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The Ohio Department of Medicaid announced that Medicaid will begin covering more medications to help with drug withdrawal symptoms, beginning in January.

Several states are questioning the cost of using pharmacy middlemen to manage their prescription drug programs in a movement that could shake up the complex system that manages how pharmaceuticals are priced and paid for.

A plan to exempt some Ohio counties from proposed new work requirements for Medicaid recipients is coming under fire from a Cleveland think tank.

Many people who receive Medicaid in Ohio could soon have to work at least 20 hours a week to receive the government health insurance. The Ohio Department of Medicaid is waiting for federal approval of the plan.

But under the state’s proposal, people in counties with high unemployment would fall under a special exemption.