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Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposed budget would raise the tobacco buying age from 18 to 21 statewide. But the provision could also result in less state revenue.

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The Ohio Department of Health has begun notifying grant recipients that public funding will halt next month for any organizations tied to abortion services.


As Ohio’s Hepatitis A outbreak continues, Columbus first responders received vaccinations at a clinic Wednesday, following the recommendation of public health officials.

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A divided federal appeals court Tuesday upheld an Ohio anti-abortion law that blocks public money for Planned Parenthood.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine introduces Dr. Amy Acton as director of Ohio Dept of Health, filling out his cabinet.
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Gov. Mike DeWine has filled the final position open in his cabinet, which is likely the most diverse in state history. Amy Acton, his pick to lead the Ohio Department of Health, has decades of experience as a doctor and administrator.

Ohio Has A Hepatitis A Outbreak, But It's Not New

Feb 19, 2019

The Ohio Department of Health says reports that wrongly imply a newly declared outbreak of hepatitis A are circulating around the state, apparently prompted by a recent case involving a restaurant worker.

The Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Feb 15, 2019

Ohio is leading the way in taking on the so-called pharmacy benefit managers, the supply-chain middlemen who work in secret, fixing drug pricing without scrutiny.  These private subcontractors have been accused of overcharging patients for health benefits, underpaying pharmacists and keeping most of the profits for themselves.  Today on All Sides, pharmacy benefit managers and efforts by the states to get some clarity.

A bill has been drafted to strengthen the laws against owners of dogs that carry out serious attacks against other people, but pro-animal groups are saying another topic must be added to the conversation: tethering.

The main entrance to Mount Carmel West Hospital is shown Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019.
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State health officials are joining the investigation into Mount Carmel Health System after a doctor was fired for giving 27 people an excessive dose of the pain medication fentanyl.

The state of Ohio is in the midst of a national Hepatitis A outbreak. And Montgomery County health officials are urging people to get vaccinated and take other precautions to avoid becoming infected.

At least one person has died after contracting Hepatitis A in Montgomery County.

Public health department numbers show there are more than 200 Hepatitis A cases across the county this year.

Ohio's infant mortality rate remains higher than the national average. The rate of African-American babies dying before their first birthdays is three times that of white babies.

Despite Ohio's Efforts, More Black Babies Died Last Year

Dec 7, 2018
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Health officials say the number of infant deaths in Ohio decreased overall from 2016 to 2017, but racial disparities continued as deaths among black infants increased.

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At least 18 abortion restrictions have been put into place in Ohio since Gov. John Kasich took office in 2011. There are fewer abortion clinics now versus then. Yet the new abortion report compiled by the state shows the number of abortions actually increased last year. 


A national report released Monday shows Ohio has the 11th highest obesity rate in the country.

Capital Care Network of Toledo will only perform medication abortions.

The last abortion clinic in Toledo, Ohio, has been granted a license allowing it to resume performing most abortions.