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New Columbus Schools superintendent Talisa Dixon talks to students at Trevitt Elementary in King-Lincoln.
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Although Gov. Mike DeWine has not ordered schools in Ohio to close, he has asked them to review and update their safety plans in preparation for a coronavirus outbreak.

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) will have to improve education outcomes for students with disabilities, under a settlement approved this week.

The settlement calls for improvements over the next five years. The agreement also calls for the state to provide additional support for special education services. The plan will focus on student literacy, prepare disabled students for life after graduation, and provide training for educators.

Ohio State State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria at a Get2School Advisory Board meeting.
Ohio Department of Education

Spring is coming, and so is state testing season in Ohio’s schools.

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An anticipated inaugural meeting of a committee addressing how Ohio’s dropout prevention and recovery schools operate was canceled Wednesday.

Ohio's EdChoice voucher program is making headlines for a recent change that has meant a 400% increase in the number of public schools where students qualify for private school vouchers. While this is due to the number of school buildings now considered to be "failing," one district is facing a different kind of problem under the new rules: Middletown is one district that saw all of its 10 schools on the state's "failing" list, potentially making every student in the district eligible for a voucher.

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The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has five years to create and implement a plan providing more support and resources to students with disabilities. It's part of a tentative settlement in a class action lawsuit with advocates for children with disabilities.

Ohio State State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria at a Get2School Advisory Board meeting.
Ohio Department of Education

Lawmakers and governors often talk about education as a top priority. For almost a quarter of a century, Ohio’s governors have wanted more control over a panel that oversees education for the state’s 1.6 million students and the top official it hires.

All that came up in a debate over how much to pay the state superintendent at this month's Ohio Board of Education meeting.

Licking Heights High School freshmen take notes in a World History class taught by Amy Obhof..
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Columbus City Schools no longer has a failing grade from the state. Ohio's largest school district earned a D rating in the latest report cards, a marked improvement from its previous F grade.


Nearly three quarters of Ohio’s counties have received a “state of emergency” declaration because of severe weather last month.

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Painstakingly drawn F's and goofy-looking G's were once commonplace in elementary school classrooms, but with the rise of keyboards came the fall of cursive. A law passed by the Ohio General Assembly, which takes effect this week, attempts to save the practice.

The Ohio State Board of Education is expanding its social-emotional learning standards to include all students.

Department of Education implemented standards for children in kindergarten through third grade starting in 2012, to build skills in five areas, including self-awareness and decision making. The new standards now include all students, through 12th grade.

The former ECOT headquarters in the South Side of Columbus.
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A judge has denied local school districts from intervening in the civil lawsuit against what was the largest online charter school in Ohio, ECOT.

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The Ohio General Assembly is exploring its options when it comes to how the state gives money to e-schools. As lawmakers are discovering, though, the issue gets complex when considering the different types of online academies.

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Lawmakers didn't violate the Ohio Constitution or a procedural rule when they passed a law that shifted control of poor-performing school districts, the state argued in a new filing at the Ohio Supreme Court, which is considering a case challenging the law.

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A state audit of a short-lived Columbus charter school finds officials inaccurately reported student attendance and received too much state funding.