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Medina Republican Larry Obhof
Ohio Senate

The Senate has unveiled its version of the two-year state budget. It dedicates even more money for the state to fight the opioid epidemic and includes more money for most schools. But it also comes with spending cuts for state agencies and outright elimination of some programs.

Ohio Budget Director Tim Keen (from left), House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, Governor John Kasich and Senate President Larry Obhof discuss changes to the state budget.
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Senate’s changes to the House version of the upcoming state budget will be released soon. And those changes will be important, since Gov. John Kasich told lawmakers they have to cut $800 million from his initial budget because of falling tax revenues.

Cliff Rosenberger
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers have been working to find ways to trim $800 million in spending from the next two-year budget. And that’s why a $5 million allocation to a new program at Ohio State University has gotten some attention.

Ohio Budget Director Tim Keen
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

Ohio State Senators are preparing to put out their version of the state budget, in which they need to trim hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure it’s balanced. And now the state budget office is reporting another big loss in tax collections for the current fiscal year.

The Ohio Statehouse
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Republicans leaders in the House have rolled out more changes to the state budget bill which includes tougher access to Medicaid expansion money. The final budget vote is expected in the House this week.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

May 1, 2017
Ohio Statehouse in Columbus
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

The Ohio House Finance Committee has accepted 325 amendments to the state budget, which must clear both the House and the Senate by June 30. Among the changes are eliminating the bottom two tax brackets, a limit on hospital Medicaid spending to $7 billion per year and axing the mandate that would have required colleges to pay for students' textbooks.

Today we'll discuss the state budget and the latest in local and national news with a panel of reporters.


Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Apr 17, 2017
Ohio Statehouse in Columbus
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Ohio lawmakers have come up with a plan to address the projected $615 million revenue shortfall by restraining the growth in the budget by $400 million each fiscal year. County leaders across the state are already decrying proposed budget cuts that could cost some counties millions of dollars. Join us today to discuss this and the latest in state and national news with a panel of reporters.

Ohio Statehouse
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

Gov. John Kasich has cut income taxes in all three of his state budgets, and has proposed a 17 percent income tax cut in his final one. But state lawmakers are working on the new state budget right now, and are looking at state tax revenue coming in below estimates. And even Kasich’s Republican colleagues in the legislature are showing signs that they’re concerned about what they’re seeing.

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For the fourth time in five months, the state has fallen short of predicted revenue.

Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) speaking at the Ohio Statehouse
JO INGLES / Ohio Public Radio

Some Democrats in the Ohio Legislature say they plan to fight the tax changes outlined in Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget.

Ohio Budget Proposal

Feb 2, 2017
Ohio Governor John Kasich
Michael Vadon / Flickr

On Monday Gov. John Kasich released his two-year budget proposal. The $66.9 billion budget will cut income taxes by 17 percent while increasing sales taxes. It also has provisions for a college tuition freeze, Medicaid expansion and minor increases in spending to help combat the heroin epidemic. 

In order to take effect, it must be approved by July 1 of this year. Today we'll discuss the details of the proposal and its implications with the state of Ohio's director of the Office of Budget and Management. 


10:00 Ohio's newest budget will be signed on Sunday, but it's already been hailed as "exciting and positive," and dismissed as a "train wreck." The $62 billion budget includes increased school funding, some income tax cuts and greater restrictions on abortions.  This hour, our panel of reporters will offer their analysis on what's in store for the Buckeye State. Guests

10:00... This past Tuesday, language was placed into the Ohio Budget that added new abortion restrictions to the document. We'll talk about what these new restrictions entail this segment on All Sides. 10:40... As our nation faces many economic, social and national security threats, author and former Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell believes the road with the most promise travels back in time to the fathers of the constitution. We'll talk about this "constitutional conservatism" this segment. Guests: