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Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder
Paul Vernon / AP

The Speaker of the House isn’t pleased that the Senate has diverted some money his chamber had put toward services for lower-income students into other educational priorities.

Senate Finance Chair Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) gestures during a discussion about the Ohio Senate version of the budget as President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) looks on.
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

Republican Senate leaders say the budget they released yesterday is not the final product, but it does represent some of the changes they wanted to make to the House’s spending plan.


Republican Senate leaders have frozen the existing school funding formula in their version of the budget. So did the House, but it did add funding into services to help lower-income students. 

Ohio Senate Republicans made sweeping changes to the House version of the state budget, including larger tax cuts and restored tax breaks.

The $69 billion budget bill is on its way to the Ohio Senate after an overwhelming majority of Republicans and Democrats approved it in the House. The spending plan includes an income tax cut across the board.

Larry Householder
Ohio House

The leader of the Ohio House says a new school funding formula that two state representatives introduced a few weeks ago won’t be part of the House version of the budget, which he says will come out on Wednesday.

Mike DeWine
Jay LaPrete / AP

There are no tax cuts in Gov. Mike DeWine’s first budget. Lawmakers may change that when they introduce their version of it soon. However they probably won’t change the $19.2 billion in tax credits and loopholes in it.

Mike DeWine
Jay LaPrete / AP

Gov. Mike DeWine is standing behind the numbers used to create his budget, as Republican House Speaker Larry Householder suggests he’s leaning toward more conservative numbers from the legislature’s economic analysts.

Kimberly Murnieks is the director of Gov. DeWine's Office of Budget and Management. Mark Flanders is with the Legislative Budget Office.
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

On the first day of hearings on Gov. Mike DeWine’s $69 billion operating budget, lawmakers are hearing about two sets of economic forecasts. The lawmakers will have to decide which estimates they’ll go with.

The call to make changes in Ohio's grand jury system followed the decision by grand juries not to indict police officers in several high-profile shootings.

Ohio lawmakers’ decision to eliminate the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission also killed – for now – the reform of some grand jury proceedings. Proponents had hoped the proposals would make the grand jury process more transparent and accountable.

The State Budget

Jul 6, 2017
Michael Vadon / Flickr

Governor Kasich on Friday signed a new two-year state budget into law, but not without 47 line-item vetoes, the most prominent of which nixes a freeze on enrollment in the Medicaid Expansion.

 Today, how his fellow Republicans respond to that and other vetoes.  

Statehouse flowers
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

Business and labor leaders, as well as Ohio’s cities, are very concerned about how some money is being moved around to balance the budget in the face of a billion dollar projected shortfall.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Jun 26, 2017
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Last week Senate Republicans revealed the details of their new health care bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act. If passed, the new bill would include deep cuts to Medicaid. Plus, Attorney General Mike DeWine has officially announced he’s running for Ohio governor.

Coming up, we are talking about the latest in state and national news with a panel of reporters.

The Ohio Statehouse
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New numbers from the state budget office show Senate Republicans were correct in saying they needed to close a billion dollar hole in the upcoming budget. And the trend of the state having less money to spend will continue. 

Ohio House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

Democratic leaders in the state are making one last push to change some provisions they’re most concerned about in the state budget bill.

House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn of Dayton says the Senate budget makes too many cuts at a time when more money needs to be invested in schools, infrastructure and fighting the opioid epidemic.