Ohio Board of Education

Supporters of President Donald Trump gather outside the U.S. Capitol, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington.
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Ohio’s largest teachers' union says a sitting member of the state board of education has some explaining to do for her part in last week’s trip to the nation’s capitol.

Ohio State State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria at a Get2School Advisory Board meeting.
Ohio Department of Education

Lawmakers and governors often talk about education as a top priority. For almost a quarter of a century, Ohio’s governors have wanted more control over a panel that oversees education for the state’s 1.6 million students and the top official it hires.

All that came up in a debate over how much to pay the state superintendent at this month's Ohio Board of Education meeting.

Ohio's Adult Diploma Program graduated 78 adults who didn't have high school diplomas in 2016.
Ohio Career-Technical and Adult Education

Ohio’s State Board of Education is preparing to vote on a measure that could open the door to more teaching applicants for career and technical education.

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Monday is the first meeting of the Dropout Prevention and Recovery workgroup, a special task force formed by the Ohio Board of Education. 

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With most Ohio students back in school, officials and lawmakers are hoping to prevent a possible crisis like the one that had them scrambling to find alternative graduation requirements for students at risk of not graduating.

A classroom at Cleveland's John Hay High School.
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Ohio Board of Education members will wait until the fall to consider a resolution that proposes some drastic changes to the state report cards for schools and school districts. A delay on the resolution doesn’t mean the end of discussions about potential modifications.

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The debate over Ohio’s school report cards continues in Columbus this week as state Board of Education members consider a recommendation to make even more changes to the grades.

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State Board of Education members will vote this week on whether to ask for a delay in the implementation of the final phase of the state’s A-F grading system.

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What was once the state’s largest online charter school has been shut down since January – after saying it couldn’t pay the bill the state says it owes for overcounting students. But the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is still trying to win at least one battle in its ongoing legal war with the state.


The Ohio Board of Education is moving forward with the creation of statewide guidelines for the social and emotional learning of students.

Members of the Ohio Board of Education have approved a resolution speaking out against a bill being considered in the General Assembly.

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One of the state’s largest public school districts will no longer be allowed to sponsor charter schools.

graduating students
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The Ohio classes of 2019 and 2020 could be allowed the same alternative options for earning a high school diploma as this year’s seniors.

The Ohio Board of Education voted 16-1 Tuesday to allow students to graduate by pursuing alternative pathways, like completing a senior project or obtaining an industry credential.

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The Ohio Board of Education is recommending lawmakers reduce the number of exams students must take to graduate.


Ohio education officials said last week that the potential for a high school graduation crisis for the class of 2018 was easing because of an alternative path to graduation approved by state lawmakers.

But state school board members say the numbers for 2019 are still cause for concern.