Bald eagles were once almost wiped out of Ohio. Now, the state has more than 220 nesting pairs.
Jim Kaftan

On a recent weekday morning, Ohio Division of Wildlife biologist Laura Kearns used her binoculars to spot a bald eagles’ nest high in the tree branches on Columbus’ Northwest Side.

A creek (left) contaminated with acid mine drainage flows past a local rural road while the Carbondale doser (right) works to neutralize some of the acidity before it reaches local streams.
Curren Sheldon / 100 Days In Appalachia

In 1958, researchers from the University of Louisville and the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission gathered at a lock on the Monongahela River for routine collecting, counting and comparing of fish species. 

The Ohio Health Registry, started by a physician, hopes to sign up 200 people who live near oil and gas activity.
Julie Grant / Allegheny Front

A dozen people are scurrying around a church basement in Youngstown, Ohio. They’re arranging tables and chairs, setting up paperwork, and hanging up signs that read “Ohio Health Registry.”

Patrick Hunkler and Jean Backs get drinking water for their house from spring water collected in this cistern. They are concerned that fracking could impact their water.
Julie Grant / Allegheny Front

Deciding what happens on private property might seem like a basic right. But when it comes to energy development, Ohio and other oil and gas-producing states have laws that can force landowners to lease their underground mineral rights to energy companies.

ODNR To Replace Hocking Hills Lodge Lost In Fire

Oct 29, 2018

State officials say a state park dining lodge in southeastern Ohio that was destroyed by fire in 2016 will be replaced with an updated facility.

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Animal advocates are applauding Ohio’s decision to postpone a proposed trapping season for bobcats. The state Wildlife Council voted 6-1 last week to put the proposal on an indefinite hold.

Honeysuckles, Autumn Olive Join Banned Sale List In Ohio

Jan 8, 2018

Ohio has banned the sale of more than three dozen invasive plant species under new rules that took effect Sunday.

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Six bison had to be fatally shot after escaping from a Grove City farm on Sunday.


Ohio hunters bagged slightly more wild turkeys this spring than during the season last year.

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More than 12,000 white-tailed deer were checked by hunters during Ohio's muzzleloader season for a decrease of more than 1,000 from last year. 

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Hunters in Ohio checked more than 9,400 deer in the two-day gun season this week.

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Hunters in Ohio checked 22,256 deer on Monday, the opening day of the state's weeklong gun season.

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The Ohio Supreme Court says state law required wildlife officials to seek restitution from a man convicted of illegally shooting a deer.

ODNR / Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The future of Buckeye Lake and it’s troubled dam were the subject of a town hall meeting that brought out nearly 500 people Monday night.

The packed meeting followed a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report last week saying the dam is at high risk of failure, which would endanger the lives of some 3,000 people.