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University Hospitals (UH) and the NASA Glenn Research Center are partnering to test out two potential methods for decontaminating disposable masks.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Ohio and across Northeast Ohio, including in Cleveland. University Hospitals has enough personal protective equipment on hand for now, said UH Innovation Center Managing Director Kipum Lee.

The decontamination methods are a “contingency plan” in case of a future shortage.

When Apollo 11 launched 50 years ago, it was propelled by a liquid hydrogen-fueled launch vehicle called Centaur – which wouldn’t have existed without decades of work by scientists at what’s today called NASA Glenn Research Center. One of those scientists was Joe Nieberding, who recently spoke with Kabir Bhatia about Cleveland’s role in the space race.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center is playing a key role in the mission to take astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars, Administrator Jim Bridenstine said during a visit to Cleveland Monday.

“The moon is our proving ground for how do we live and work on another world, so that we can go to Mars,” Bridenstine said. “And the sooner we can prove that out on the moon, the sooner we can move on to Mars.”

Federal employees at the NASA Glenn Research Center went back to work Monday after the goverment shutdown ended but as another potential shutdown looms in three weeks.

Paul Greenberg, research scientist and vice president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 28, said Monday was a "bit surreal" as co-workers caught up personally and professionally.


While nuclear power in Ohio heads into the sunset, NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland has developed a portable nuclear energy system for outer space.

NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland has unveiled a new source of power for deep space missions.

The device, about the size of a beer keg, generates electricity through a controlled nuclear reaction.

It’s a mini-nuclear reactor called Kilopower.

At its unveiling Wednesday, NASA engineers said that it could power a lunar space station, or missions to Mars and beyond.

Computer technology is expanding at a dizzying pace.  Things that seemed like science fiction a few years ago – from artificial intelligence to cryptocurrencies - are now common place.

It’s a bewildering landscape – but in this week’s Exploradio, we follow the thread of a new computer technology from the desktop to deep space.

A recovery vehicle moves a sled down a track after a test of a Hyperloop One propulsion system, Wednesday, May 11, 2016, in North Las Vegas, Nev.
John Locher / Associated Press

Researchers are hard at work on two feasibility studies for hyperloop connections running through Ohio, including a route that could link Pittsburgh and Chicago with Columbus. There’s a strong current of optimism among many considering the technology, even if questions of cost and practicality remain out of reach.

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NASA’s Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot has announced the agency’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year. The nearly $20 billion spending blueprint focuses on a new mission to the moon, and a prominent piece of that plan is being built in Cleveland.


Three thousand feet up in the air, Dr. Rafat Ansari flies his small, two-seater plane over Lake Erie.

Algae blooms on the coast of Toledo.
NASA Glenn Research Center

A Kent State University researcher is working with NASA and other universities in tracking the threats to water quality in Lake Erie.

NASA Helps Ohio Companies Solve Technical Problems

May 26, 2012

CLEVELAND (AP) - Scientists and engineers from NASA Glenn Research Center are helping to solve technical problems for northeast Ohio companies in manufacturing, energy research, vinyl record-making and other fields. The space agency is providing help through a new assistance program that includes loans from Cleveland and surrounding Cuyahoga County. A report says NASA is offering up to 40 hours of engineering work for each of nine winning companies in the program. Among them is Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, which presses vinyl music albums.