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photos of singers in dark room- Schola at St Joseph Cathedral in Columbus
St. Joseph Cathedral

Some day when we can get out of the house I want you to go with me on a Sunday night to St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown Columbus. You don’t have to be Catholic, you don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to believe in anything much.

Compline (Evening Prayers) at St. Joseph is sung on the first Sunday of the month at 9 pm. The church is in darkness except for a few candles. You’ll see the gentlemen of the Schola make their way to the choir loft.

Miriam Burns

Music in Mid-Ohio is Classical 101's presentation of our local concert life.   

New broadcasts are on hiatus as local performances are cancelled due to the coronavirus safety measures.

Shows might be on hold, but music does not stop. Please check this site regularly as Music in Mid-Ohio goes on line! We’ll be presenting recent performances given in Central Ohio...or given by talented local artists as they travel.

It’s a privilege to remind everyone of the riches of Columbus concert life.

This is the Ohio State University Symphony conducted by Miriam Burns.

Courtesy of Orlay Alonso / Facebook

Welcome to another installment of Music in Mid-Ohio online! 

This is an extension of our MiMO broadcast season, presenting favorite locally produced performances. The coronavirus has many future concerts postponed, but not even this horrible virus can stop the music.   

I’ve been going to concerts and working around concerts for fifty years. I’ve seen a few artists who could capture audiences with the first two notes. Beverly Sills could do that. So could Van Cliburn.

So can Orlando and Orlay Alonso. 

columbus gay mens chorus on stage

The Music in Mid-Ohio series presents performances given locally, sometimes by your friends and neighbors, and sometimes by guests. The series aired Sundays at 1 p.m. on Classical 101, usually from May to September.

Now, with our venues closed and concerts cancelled, I'm taking Music in Mid-Ohio to the web.

OSU Mens Glee Club
William Huber / wikimedia

When you need something done, call the Marines.

When you want to hear singing, call The Ohio State Univeristy Men's Glee Club.

As part of Classical 101's new online version of our Music in Mid-Ohio series, here's a memorable performace to brighten your day.  

When the new Ohio Union opened a few years ago there were days of dignitaries, dinners and celebration. In what seemed like a lull, the best party of all commenced.


St. John’s Episcopal Church in Worthington is a lovely sanctuary. I’ve enjoyed attending church there over the years.

If you go up there on a (non-quarantine) Friday afternoon you’ll hear music as soon as you pull in to the parking lot. A lot of music. That’s because St. John’s on a Friday afternoon is the home of the Chamber Music Connection, begun years ago by the wonderful Deborah Barrett Price.

photo of Antoine Clark conducting the McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra
Ronald Hoehn /

Music in Mid-Ohio presents locally produced concerts on Classical 101, Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m..

Fior Angelico, a Columbus-based chamber chorus that performances early music will be featured on the October 6 episode of Music In Mid-Ohio on Classical 101.
Fior Angelico

Music in Mid Ohio is our show on Classical 101 all about music making in Columbus and central Ohio. 

These are concerts you may have attended or performances often given "by your friends and neighbors." People often pursuing careers as professional musicians here and abroad, or playing for love at a very high level of talent and love. 

Ronald Hoehn /

Promoting Replay!, Classical 101's annual, magnificent instrument donation drive, my colleagues and I ask you to look under the bed, in the attic or in the garage for that flute, clarinet or violin you haven’t touched in 20 years. And you do!

That’s another story, and it’s coming!

Renaissance Theatre YouTube

I was in Mansfield on a recent Sunday afternoon for the launch of the Mid-Ohio Opera, with a lovely concert performance of La Boheme — a community effort and a fine performance.

It's been awhile since I've been to Mansfield's beautiful Renaissance Theatre. This is a late-1920s movie palace, originally gaudy, ornate and wired for the talkies. Echoing the story of many such lavish temples for celluloid built across the U.S., the building went into decline as vaudeville died and Clark Gable in the movies gave way to I Love Lucy on TV.

Mary Hoffman was program director of WOSU Radio in the days when WOSU-FM meant classical music at 89.7 on the dial.

During my time here, I've inherited offices and files originating with Mary. Reading about her music programming and her views informing what makes a tremendous music station made for a wonderful education.

A lithograph of Abraham Lincoln's funeral cortage in Columbus
Albert Edmenson / Columbus Metropolitan Library

Here's what happens when you clean your office — at least, in my case.

You find things you never knew you had, that are interesting in and of themselves and would also make great radio programs.

During a recent — and rare — burst of office cleaning, I found an envelope from my buddy Andrew MacGregor, recording engineer extraordinaire, marked, "St. Joseph Cathedral, The Music of A. Lincoln's Funeral."

Wikimedia Commons

It's not as if I've never heard of Ferdinando Paer.  

Recently I've gotten to know Paer's oratorio Il Santo Sepolcro (The Holy Sepulcher). I came across a new recording of this work in our wonderful music library

I've scheduled The Holy Sepulcher for Music in Mid-Ohio at 8 p.m. this Sunday, June 25.

black-and-white photo of Donald McGinnis
Ohio Music Education Association /

Music in Mid-Ohio returns to Classical 101 at 1 p.m. this Sunday, June 18. Through the end of September, the program will showcase performances in and around Columbus, "often by your friends and neighbors."

The Metropolitan Opera

Every week is concert week on Classical 101, and we've got the playlists to prove it. Whether you adventure through the sounds of the United States with Jennifer Hambrick's The American Sound, or join Christopher Purdy for music made by musicians you might even see at your local grocery store with Music in Mid-Ohio; there's something on-air for everyone. Check out what's in store for this week!