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An event this weekend celebrates the more than 100,000 sub-saharan Africans that live in Columbus. 

The Columbus African Festival will feature food, poetry, music, and more. The event is the first ever of its kind in the area. 

Today on All Sides Weekend with Clare Roth, we discuss the celebration and African culture. 


Country Music In 2019

Aug 5, 2019

Lil Nas X's hit single "Old Town Road" now holds the stand-alone record for the longest running No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 songs.

A cross-genre of twangy country lyrics over trap beats, Old Town Road has left many wondering if it's a country song or a rap song.

Today on All Sides, the changing genre of country music, its origins and more. 

Less than a year ago, nobody knew the name Lil Nas X. Now, his song "Old Town Road" has set the record for longest time spent atop the Hot 100 singles chart.

Civic Arts Project

Join All Sides Weekend guest host Christopher Purdy for a discussion on arts in Columbus and the Columbus Symphony.

The Muppet Movie is 40 now. And I could tell you that this makes me feel old, but it doesn't. It oddly makes me feel just right. The music has been with me from when I was little until right now, and I can still listen to it and discover new things. How could you not? It has "Rainbow Connection" in it.

Keep ya head up, Jerry Foxhoven.

The public servant who led Iowa's Department of Human Services was forced to resign in June, just one business day after he sent an email to more than 4,000 agency employees that included an inspirational quote from the rapper Tupac Shakur.

He used his love of rap from time to time to "reach out to our staff, tell them that I'm human, have a little levity," he tells NPR.

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Federal prosecutors in New York and Chicago unsealed sweeping charges against R&B singer R. Kelly on Friday, accusing him of abusing women and girls for nearly two decades, including kidnapping, forced labor and sending child pornography across state lines.

The bombshell indictments, the first federal criminal charges against Kelly, come a day after he was arrested while walking his dog outside his home in Chicago's Trump Tower. He faces a total of 18 federal counts.

A prestigious handbell choir from Gotha, Germany, is touring southwest and central Ohio this July. The choir hails from a church where theologian Martin Luther - a leader in the Protestant Reformation - preached not once but four times; a church where Johann Pachelbel - yes, the Pachelbel famous for his "Canon in D" - was once the municipal organist.

However, the choir wouldn't exist if not for a church in Dayton, Ohio, and its brave choir members who stealthily drove the instruments behind the Iron Curtain.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is known for showcasing musicians' costumes, instruments and memorabilia. But now visitors can play music there, too, in the "Garage." The $2 million exhibit opens to the public today on the second floor of the Rock Hall.

“It’s all about energizing and inspiring,” said Rock Hall Vice President and Chief Curator Karen Herman.

In reflecting upon the museum’s more than two decades in Cleveland, Herman said it was important to design a space for visitors to make music.

“Every visitor can come in and try it,” she said.

Between their formation in 2001 and last album in 2014, guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney released eight LPs as The Black Keys and became household names with songs like "Tighten Up" and "Fever." When the duo took a break from recording and touring after years and years on the road, rumors flew that the two men had had a falling out.

According to the band, the truth is much simpler: "It was about time," Auerbach says. "We needed a little bit of normalcy."

Clockwise from upper left: Sarah Hudson, Honey & Blue, WYD, Native Glory, All Powerful Sungoddess, and October Ember.

Too much of a good thing is still a good thing. Though we were only able to choose one band as WOSU's local favorite from the NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest, plenty of other bands could have easily taken the title. So we're going to give out some more accolades.

Zoo Trippin' performs in the WOSU studios for Broad & High. The band was named WOSU's local favorite from the 2019 Tiny Desk Contest.
Gabe Rosenberg / WOSU

Zoo Trippin's Tiny Desk submission featured the five band members wearing sunglasses in a cement underpass, performing a stripped down version of their 2016 song "Great White Buffalo."

Zoo Trippin' is WOSU's local favorite from the 2019 NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest.
Zoo Trippin'

This year brought the toughest competition yet for the Tiny Desk Contest – and for WOSU to choose our local favorite. That's both a consequence of both quality and quantity: 50 Columbus-area bands submitted original music to NPR Music's competition.

Creativity In The Arts

Jun 7, 2019
The Columbus Arts Festival
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Creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians. It can be found in almost any profession, hobby, or daily activity.

As children, we learn to be creative and as adults we can continue to practice and nurture that skill. 

Broadcasting live from the Columbus Arts Festival in downtown Columbus, we talk with a panel of experts about creativity in the arts and how we learn to be creative. 

color photo of Scott Woods standing in front of Streelight Guild building
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It’s one of those buildings whose walls you wish could talk – an old house with wide windows looking out over a brick facade sturdy as the hills and a new unpainted plywood railing around the porch and leading up a few concrete steps to the front door. The unpainted wood tips you off that something is happening here.