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Republican Senator Mike DeWine thanked his supporters after his loss to Democratic Congressman Sherrod Brown last night. DeWine says he's lucky because the people of Ohio have allowed him to represent them in public office for 30 years. DeWine says he'll always be grateful.

The two-term senator has also served as a county prosecutor, state senator, U-S House member and lieutenant governor. DeWine scored impressive wins in 1994 and 2000, and last week, fellow Republican Senator George Voinovich begged voters to back his colleague.

Foreign policy and foreign trade are two defining issues in hot race for US Senate in Ohio. Incumbent Republican Mike DeWine is struggling to hold off a challenge from Democrat Sherrod Brown. The two men have very different views on fighting terrorism and the impact of global trade agreements.

In a state that's polarized over foreign policy, Mike DeWine and Sherrod Brown are polar opposites. And their opposite stances can cause their tempers boil over - like they did during a debate earlier this month on NBC's Meet The Press.

Ohio's first televised Senate debate was dominated by a heated discussion of what went wrong and how to make things right in Iraq.

Republican Senator Mike DeWine and Democratic Congressman Sherrod Brown appeared Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Brown accused DeWine of failing to hold the Bush administration accountable. DeWine told Brown he was "absolutely unbelievable" when the Democrat said he had done more than DeWine to help get troops proper body armor.