At a busy office in central Rome, the man who oversees Italy's national network of committees that process asylum requests sits behind a desk with tall piles of folders.

Angelo Trovato says each committee has three members — representing police, local authorities and the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR.

"Each applicant is interviewed by one committee member," says Trovato. "But when it comes to deciding the destiny of an individual, the decision can't be by a single person. It must be reached collectively."

Observing Our Natural World

Oct 20, 2015
Ken Thomas / Wikimedia Commons

The last of the warblers may be packing their bags and heading south, but it’s not too late to check out Ohio’s feathered friends. In fact, fall is an important time for feeding backyard birds who need energy for migration. This hour, we’ll talk about the best ways to watch local birds, and the wonders of observing wildlife across the world.

More Ohioans Move to Florida Than Any Other State

Sep 30, 2009

Ohio lost more than 35,000 residents to other states between 2007 and last year. WOSU reports where people are going.

The majority of Ohioans who chose to leave the state between 2007 and 2008 moved to warmer and sunnier climates. Community Research Partner's Bobby Garber said more Ohioans moved to Florida than any other state - almost 4,000. She said other top choices were Texas, the Carolinas, Arizona and Kentucky. Garber could not say for sure why people are moving but...