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Understanding Anxiety In Men

Dec 27, 2019
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Recent research shows that men don’t experience or express anxiety in the same way as women. 

One in five men—and one in three women—will have an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. But there’s a growing concern among psychologists and other medical professionals alike that those numbers don't reflect the reality for men. 

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Psychologists have created new short-term treatments to help those with psychiatric disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

They’re called intensive therapy programs and can be completed in as little as two weeks, while traditional treatment plans can take months at a time.

This week on Wellness Wednesday, the rise of intensive therapy treatments, and more.  



Stanford University researchers have developed a blood test that predicts a pregnant woman's due date, and might identify women who are at risk of giving birth prematurely. The test isn’t ready for general use and the sample size was small, but early results are promising.  

Join us as we discuss that and more today on Wellness Wednesday.


In March, the most comprehensive penis transplant was performed on a US veteran at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The recipient has already shown signs of improvement as he is able to walk and is projected to make a full recovery. The surgery was made all the more difficult as the recipient has a rare blood type, leading to a smaller amount of possible donors. 

Today, we discuss men's health, the impact stress has on overeating, and Dr. Linda Stone's efforts to combat burnout in medical students through the arts.

Wellness Wednesday: Childhood Trauma and Men's Health

Feb 21, 2018
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Economic difficulty, divorce, and neighborhood violence are just a few factors that can lead to childhood trauma and an increase in adult problems later in life. Childhood trauma has been on the rise in Ohio as opioid overdoses and economic uncertainty also increase.

Join us today as we discuss the impact of childhood trauma, the benefits of before school exercise programs on children, and men's health.

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Hurricane Harvey's devastation includes another long-term issue not often discussed when flooding and water damage occurs. Also today, we'll look at male reproductive health and common ailments. 

Sperm counts appear to be plummeting throughout the Western world, according to a large study of men around the world.

An international team of scientists analyzed data from nearly 43,000 men in dozens of industrialized countries and found that sperm counts dropped by more than half over nearly four decades.

Whether it's an IUD, a shot, an implant, or a daily pill, birth control is a regular part of many adult women's lives. It has left a lot of women asking: Why not men?

11:00 In the movies it's easy to spot someone drowning; they're flailing their arms and yelling for help. In real life, people often drown silently, and within help's reach. This hour, we'll learn what signs really mean danger. Then we'll hear about a new electronic implant that aides in the detection of organ transplant rejection, and we'll celebrate Men's Health Week. Guests