Wellness Wednesday: Polypharmacy In Older Adults

Mar 11, 2020
prescription medicine bottles
David Kessler / Flickr Creative Commons

Nearly half of older adults take one or more medications they don’t medically need, increasing the risk for harmful drug interactions.

Old prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and even herbal supplements have the potential to trigger adverse drug events, which can be mistaken for signs of aging in older patients.

Mount Carmel West

New medication guidelines distributed to Mount Carmel staff members highlight the internal processes the hospital is re-examining in the wake of an ongoing scandal. The hospital announced earlier this month that at least 27 patients were given “excessive” and "potentially fatal" doses of fentanyl by Dr. William Husel.

An Ohio bill would let schools and camps keep a supply of asthma inhalers not prescribed to specific patients in case of emergencies.

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