Survey: Ohio's Uninsured Rates Continue Falling

Aug 20, 2015

A new survey shows that Ohio's uninsured rates for children and adults have each dropped by about half since 2012.

Ohio Senators Review Plan To Cut Medicaid Coverage For Some

Jun 1, 2015

State senators are taking a hard look at a proposal in Gov. John Kasich's  budget that would eliminate Medicaid benefits for certain pregnant women and others who the administration says can get health insurance through the federal marketplace.

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Faith leaders who advocate for the poor are urging the Republican-dominated Ohio Senate to change a proposed drop in Medicaid eligibility for poor women. They believe babies will pay the price if this change goes through in the two year budget.

Ohio Settles Lawsuit Involving Dropped Medicaid Recipients

May 12, 2015
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About 154,000 Ohioans will be placed back on Medicaid as part of a settlement that a group has reached in a lawsuit against the state.

10:00 In 2002 freshman phenom Maurice Clarett led Ohio State to national victory and a 14-0 season, but the star running back soon fell from grace amid criminal charges and served a prison sentence. Clarett joins us this hour to discuss, his changed life, his struggles with mental illness and why he's pushing hard for Medicaid expansion. Guests

Medicaid Expansion Backers Rally At Ohio Capitol

Apr 11, 2013

An estimated 2,500 demonstrators have assembled at the Ohio Statehouse to urge state lawmakers to extend Medicaid coverage under the federal health care law.

Thursday's rally follows a decision by Ohio House Republicans to strip the expansion plan from the budget.

The Expanding Use of Medical E-Records

Jun 21, 2011

Federal recovery funds are being used to expand the intra-hospital network use of electronic medical record sharing, especially to help physicians who treat large populations of Medicaid eligible patients, and especially in rural areas and Appalachia. This hour on All Sides we will discuss what this conversion to e-records means to the health-care industry. Guests:

Governor John Kasich has created a new arm of state government that is intended to modernize Ohio’s Medicaid system and improve the quality of health-care services.  Medicaid reforms - including reimbursements cuts to hospitals, doctors and nursing homes - are a key factor in the governor’s budget proposal. Joining the show is the man appointed to lead the transformation: Ohio Governor’s Office of Health Transformation Director Greg Moody.

Medicaid Funding Gets Cut

Mar 22, 2011

Governor John Kasich’s first budget proposal slashes Medicaid payments to doctors, hospitals and nursing homes in an overhaul of the program, which consumes nearly a third of the state’s spending. Already facing a July first deadline for the last of special federal assistance, the governor says that unless things change, Medicaid expenses will become unsustainable. The proposed budget would cut more than four hundred million dollars from nursing home funding, with more focus on at-home care.

Budget Cuts Healthcare

Dec 21, 2010

The impact of state budget deficits on state Medicaid and hospital programs for the uninsured, with The Arizona Republic reporter Michelle Ye Hee Lee, OSU Medical Center Comprehensive Transplant Center director Dr. Robert Higgins, MD, and Ohio Hospital Association media public relations manager Tiffany Himmelreich. Kaiser Health News senior correspondent Mary Agnes Carey weighs in on the new federal healthcare law and the implications for state health care budgets.

Medicaid is designed to provide health care to the nation's poor and disabled. Many patients who are in the Medicaid program have no other health insurance options --the problem is, the doctors who care for them do. More and more doctors are opting not to care for Medicaid patients, begging the question, who will? Gretchen Cuda of member station WCPN in Cleveland has the story.

Medical provider sues Ohio for more money

Jan 17, 2008

A private Ohio ambulance company says every time it transports a medicaid patient to a hospital or dialysis session, it loses money because the state reimbursement payments are so low. The company is asking a judge to order an increase in state payments to medicaid providers, but state officials say that's nearly impossible, especially because of a looming state budget crunch.