Medicaid Expansion

Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger
Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio

Republican leaders in the Ohio House have a session scheduled for tomorrow morning. But there’s no word yet on whether lawmakers will try to override Gov. John Kasich’s line item vetoes in the state budget.

Dan Konik / Ohio Public Radio

Hundreds of advocates gathered on the steps of the Statehouse to rally against a vote that would freeze Medicaid enrollment for certain people next year. This could be a last minute push as the House considers taking that up tomorrow.

The State Budget

Jul 6, 2017
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Governor Kasich on Friday signed a new two-year state budget into law, but not without 47 line-item vetoes, the most prominent of which nixes a freeze on enrollment in the Medicaid Expansion.

 Today, how his fellow Republicans respond to that and other vetoes.  

In recent days, several Republican lawmakers have faced crowds of constituents at town hall meetings around the country who are angry that they may be in danger of losing their health coverage.

Medicaid Expansion Helps Inmates Get Health Care

Dec 7, 2015
Mandie Trimble / WOSU

Someone who’s preparing to get out of prison has a lot to think about.  They have to find housing, a job, transportation.  Health care often falls to the wayside. But the state’s corrections department has begun to help inmates find insurance before they’re released.  Ohio’s decision to expand Medicaid plays a key role.

A showdown at the Statehouse is expected on Monday, when the governor asks for permission to spend billions in federal dollars to expand Medicaid. But that may not be the final word on the issue. With the critical vote to expand Medicaid on the horizon for Monday, Gov. John Kasich took his final arguments for it to one of Ohio’s most prestigious medical facilities – the Cleveland Clinic. “Being able to bring our money back – our money. It’s Ohio money. This is not like somebody else’s money. It’s our money.

10:00 In 2002 freshman phenom Maurice Clarett led Ohio State to national victory and a 14-0 season, but the star running back soon fell from grace amid criminal charges and served a prison sentence. Clarett joins us this hour to discuss, his changed life, his struggles with mental illness and why he's pushing hard for Medicaid expansion. Guests