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Understanding Anxiety In Men

Dec 27, 2019
man with hands on head
Nathan Cowley / Pexels

Recent research shows that men don’t experience or express anxiety in the same way as women. 

One in five men—and one in three women—will have an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. But there’s a growing concern among psychologists and other medical professionals alike that those numbers don't reflect the reality for men. 

A Closer Look At Traditional Masculinity

Feb 14, 2019

Traditional masculinity might be harming men, according to guidelines published last year by the American Psychological Association.

The “Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men” details that the socialization of masculinity and a lack of help for men and boys could be the root of several issues men face, such as bullying or incarceration.

Today on All Sides, masculinity, what it means and what can be done to help boys and men achieve a healthy balance.

In the basement of a suburban Philadelphia home, half a dozen high school freshman boys recently met to munch on chips and pretzels — and to talk about sexual assault in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

A Jewish group called Moving Traditions brought them together as part of its programs to encourage teenagers to talk about this and other difficult issues. Temple Sinai in Dresher, Pa., sponsors this local group.