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photo of Antoine Clark conducting the McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra
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Columbus conductor and clarinetist Antoine Clark wants women musicians and musicians of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to be heard.

The new Four Women album by Columbus cello quartet UCelli
UCelli / Facebook

A new recording for the Columbus-based cello quartet UCelli spotlights the accomplishments of four historic women. 

UCelli's new album Four Women is Mark Lomax II's musical biography of four black women who fought for social justice and equal rights. It pays tribute Nzinga, Queen of Angola (1583-1663) Ida B. Wells Barnett (1862-1931) Angela Davis (born 1944) and Cimada Ngozi Adichie.

color photo of Mark Lomax playing drum set

Four hundred years ago this year, the first African people were taken from their homelands and brought to colonial America – thus instituting slavery in what would become the United States and inflicting profound wounds on individuals and American society that still have not healed. 

"Blues in August" Facebook event page

"...That each whisper of wind moved to mute song & singing make a world of silence." 

The words of playwrite and poet August Wilson have a certain sorcery to them; the power and freedom of sharing ones' story. With this as inspiration, Dr. Mark Lomax, II has married Wilson's gifted narratives to music for tomorrow night's premiere Blues in August.