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State lawmakers in Ohio have sent a proposal to the fall ballot that would ban constitutional monopolies, an effort with the potential to scuttle marijuana legalization in the state.

The amended measure flew through a Senate committee and both chambers over several hours Tuesday night.

It measure revises Ohio's constitution to prohibit amendments that deliver commercial economic benefits to individuals and cartels. That includes investors in 10 designated marijuana-growing sites named in the legalization issue.

Legal Pot Backers Deliver Nearly 700,000 Signatures

Jun 30, 2015
Jo Ingles, Ohio Public Radio

A campaign to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use in Ohio began delivering hundreds of thousands of petition signatures in its effort to get the issue before voters.

Organizers for ResponsibleOhio said Tuesday they were submitting more than 695,000 signatures to Secretary of State Jon Husted. That's more than the roughly 306,000 needed to qualify for November's ballot. 

State Lawmakers Move To Create Roadblock For Pot Activists

Jun 17, 2015
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Republican leaders in the Ohio House are moving quickly to make it harder for supporters of legalizing marijuana to put it before Ohio voters in November.

A new study indicates small children are exposed to marijuana at a higher rate in states where the substance is legal.

Marijuana Legalization Efforts in Ohio

May 28, 2015
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Two separate campaigns are collecting signatures in hopes of getting marijuana legalization on the November ballot in Ohio. 

The initial amendment, proposed by Columbus-based ResponsibleOhio, is hotly contested by a new committee, BetterForOhio. Representatives from each coalition are on air to discuss their respective plans.

Attorney General Rejects Latest Proposal To Legalize Pot In Ohio

May 22, 2015
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Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected a petition submitted by a group that wants to put an issue on the ballot to legalize marijuana.

2nd Marijuana Legalization Issue Awaits OK From Ballot Board

May 14, 2015
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Another effort to legalize marijuana in Ohio is proceeding toward the ballot.

Craig Paul Boardman
Columbus Police

An Ohio State University professor is under house arrest after threatening to kill the dean of his college and himself. 

State Certifies Language For Second Marijuana Proposal

May 8, 2015
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A proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana and hemp in Ohio has cleared the first step on the path to making the ballot.

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Supporters of marijuana legalization in Ohio say they are about halfway to their goal of collecting the more than 305,000 signatures needed to get a proposal on the November ballot.

Ohio Panel OKs Marijuana Legalization Effort As Single Issue

Mar 21, 2015
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Backers of an effort to legalize marijuana in Ohio for medicinal and recreational use can now collect the thousands of signatures needed to get the proposal before voters.

The Ohio Ballot Board certified the measure as a single ballot issue on Friday.

The proposed amendment calls for adults 21 and over to be able to buy marijuana, and to grow up to four plants at home. It also proposes 10 authorized growing sites around the state. Marijuana purchased at licensed retail stores would be taxed.

Ohio AG Certifies Petition For Marijuana Legalization Issue

Mar 13, 2015
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A marijuana legalization effort in Ohio has cleared a key governmental hurdle.

Attorney General Mike DeWine on Friday certified ResponsibleOhio’s petition for the proposed amendment and cleared summary petition language as fair and truthful. The measure goes next to the Ohio Ballot Board.

ResponsibleOhio foresees getting the amendment before voters this year or next. It would legalize the sale of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use and create authorized growing sites across the state.

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