Marijuana Legalization

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Jul 23, 2018
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Fresh from his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump announced plans to invite Putin to Washington for another summit this fall. The decision already has sparked uproar in Washington over the President’s relationship with Russia and Putin. Today on our weekly reporter roundtable, we’ll talk about how Republicans might respond to questions about Trump and Russia on the campaign trail before the midterm elections. 


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Recreational marijuana may soon be legal in Canada, after both the House of Commons and the Senate approved the Cannabis Act. Legal sales are likely to begin before the end of summer after the Senate voted 52-29 Tuesday night to approve the bill, the CBC reports.

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Backers of a state constitutional amendment that would allow voters to decide to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol will soon start collecting signatures to put it before voters.


The Ohio Attorney General has certified a petition for another proposed marijuana constitutional amendment. But this one would fully legalize recreational marijuana.

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For the next seven months, a few Ohio groups will be circulating petitions, trying to get enough valid signatures to put specific issues on the 2018 general ballot. 

Secretary of State Jon Husted laid out his views on the three statewide issues on this fall's ballot at the Columbus Metropolitan Club, Wednesday, and he also talked about how he sees them playing out.

Gone to Pot? Legalizing Marijuana in Ohio

Jan 15, 2014

10:00 Thousands of Colorado residents recently waited in long lines for the chance to legally buy recreational marijuana for the first time in 77 years. Pot is legal for medical use in 20 states, but Ohio is not one of them. This hour we'll talk about the movement to decriminalize the drug in the Buckeye State, and why opponents say it's a bad plan. Guests