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Major League Soccer

Columbus Crew supporters at the Nordecke fan section on September 29, 2019.
Adora Namigadde / WOSU

At the last home game of the 2019 season, a puff of yellow smoke fills the air in the Columbus Crew’s Nordecke supporter section, as fans donning black and yellow wave banners and flags.

The Fate Of The Columbus Crew SC

Oct 17, 2018
Columbus Crew

Major League Soccer announced last week that the league wanted to keep the Columbus Crew SC in Columbus. The plan involves a major investor groups interested in buying the team.  A year ago today, when Crew owner Anthony Precourt announced his plan to move the club to Austin, Crew fans were crestfallen and angry.  Now, they are jubilant.  But nothing’s official yet.  Today on All Sides, the future of the Columbus Crew. 

The Modell Law and The Crew

Mar 14, 2018
MATTHEW BERNHARDT / Wikimedia Commons

The state of Ohio and the city of Columbus have sued Precourt Sports Ventures and Major League Soccer, in an effort to prevent the Columbus Crew from relocating to Austin, Texas. The lawsuit cites ORC 9.67, commonly known as the "Modell Law." We look at what the law entails, the local impact of the lawsuit, and whether or not the suit can keep the Crew in Columbus.

Columbus Crew / Facebook

Columbus Crew SC making the Major League Soccer postseason is usually cause for celebration among Central Ohio soccer fans. Excitement this year, however, is watered down - to say the least - as the club's owner weighs a potential move to Austin, Texas.