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Does carrying a gun make a teacher a security officer, or just a teacher who happens to be carrying a gun? Ohio Supreme Court justices on Tuesday focused on that singular question in hearing arguments for and against arming school staff.

The Ohio chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police filed a brief in the state’s highest court Monday arguing against arming teachers, as the policies would “make an already dangerous situation even more dangerous for law enforcement, for school staff, and for the students themselves.”

The Ohio FOP laid out a series of dangers posed by arming teachers without extensive training. First among the points: anyone involved in a gunfight becomes less accurate.


A 15-year-old boy accused of shooting and wounding two students in an Ohio school cafeteria is set for a pretrial hearing on charges including attempted murder.

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Classes are resuming in a southwest Ohio school district, two days after authorities say a 14-year-old boy shot students in a school cafeteria.