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Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Sep 16, 2019
The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus.

A federal appeals court has ruled that the state of Ohio’s three-drug formula for executions doesn’t constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

The decision contradicted a lower-court ruling that said the protocol causes needless suffering. 

Coming up on the weekly Reporter Roundtable: How Gov. Mike DeWine may respond to the recent execution ruling, and Otterbein University gets a Democratic presidential debate.


It's My Party: Urban Political Dominance

Nov 18, 2013

10:00 In the recent electoral past, the US has seen traditionally red states go blue, and vice versa, but when it comes to local politics, cities have a hard time shaking one-party dominance. Ohio's capital city is a prime example.  This hour we'll examine the benefits of a true two-party system, and discuss whether such a thing is even possible on a local level. Guests