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Trish doesn't have many places to turn. She's living at her elderly father's home without a job because she can't afford the care he needs. And every day she says the balance sheet seems stained with more red ink.

"It's all outgoing. There's nothing coming in, that's for sure. And I'm stuck in a rock and a hard place because of my credit, so I don't — I need to make enough money that I can afford to live somewhere," she says, voice quavering.

Across from her at the table, David Perez nods quietly and takes notes.

As thousands gathered in New York City for the world's largest LGBTQ celebration, some other events across the country were unable to proceed because of threats and safety concerns.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Jacksonville Public Library in Florida both canceled events that celebrate LGBTQ pride scheduled for this weekend.

Among the many education programs in the latest state budget is the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library.

The literacy program mails children under five free books in certain communities around Ohio. It was originally started by country singer Dolly Parton.

The $5 million will go into a matching fund for all the Imagination Libraries across the state, doubling the money for the current 54 Ohio affiliates of the program.

When storms ravaged parts of Ohio during Memorial Day weekend, several libraries were forced to close their doors for a short time. Those facilities are back in operation. And many libraries are serving in relief efforts now.

Supporters of drag show event in Delaware.
Jo Ingles

Several library events for Ohio teens have been mired in controversy. Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder sent a strongly worded letter last week to the Ohio Library Council, telling it to stop libraries from holding future events featuring drag queens.

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At the Akron-Summit County Public Library, you can find a new food computer. No, it doesn’t print food or magically materialize it – rather, this unit grows it.

Ohio's library system is considered one of the best and best-funded in the nation. But while Gov. John Kasich is calling for libraries to provide online job training and education, there's no money included in his budget to do that. In fact, the state’s public library fund faces a $7 million cut in the first of two years under the Governor’s plan.

Debbie Holmes

This week at libraries everywhere, it's Fair Use Week.  It's about how to use photographs, videos, music and other materials, for education, research, news reporting, creative projects and more without breaking copyright law.

Fewer Librarians In Ohio Schools

Jul 27, 2015
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The number of school librarians in Ohio has dropped by nearly half in the past 10 years despite studies showing students do better when those jobs are filled.

Libraries of the Future

Jul 17, 2014

11 am

While 91 percent of Americans think libraries are important to their communities, only 30 percent say they are highly engaged with their public library. Modern librarians struggle with staff shortages, budget cuts, and a changing technology landscape. This hour, we'll talk about how libraries are adapting to the 21st century.


College Libraries Feature Fewer Books, More Laptops

Sep 26, 2005

As students return to class this fall at Ohio State University and other campuses across the country they'll find more electronic resources and fewer books at the library. O-S-U Junior, Nate Clemente, says books have taken a back seat to computer stations so now laptops are conected to a wireless network and more space is available for group study.