Leveque Tower

LeVeque Tower History and Future

Feb 9, 2017
LeVeque Tower and the downtown Columbus skyline.

The most recognizable building in the Columbus skyline is the LeVeque tower. When it was completed in downtown Columbus in 1927 it was known as the AIU Citadel and was originally intended to house workers for the The American Insurance Union.

Over the years the tower has undergone several renovations and a name change, and after a recent $27 million renovation it will house a hotel, condos and apartment units. Join us with a panel of guests as we discuss the history of the LeVeque Tower and its newest renovations.


Hotel LeVeque

The interior of Columbus’ iconic skyscraper, the LeVeque Tower, is getting another makeover.  When renovations to the 90-year-old structure are complete in about a month, LeVeque Tower will feature a boutique hotel, apartments and condos and commercial office space. 

LeVeque Tower Will Feature Home Addresses

Jun 18, 2015
LeVeque Tower as seen from 32nd story window of Rhodes Tower looking westward
Tom Borgerding / WOSU News

A private firm says it will convert the top 24 floors of Leveque Tower at Broad and Front streets into condos and apartments. Kaufman Development announced plans for  78 residential units. 

10:00 The LeVeque Tower was the 5th largest building in the world when it was constructed in the early 1920's and remains Columbus' most iconic landmark to this day. This landmark building is making headlines lately due to a new documentary and possible renovations. On this hour of "All Sides," we'll cover the history and future of the LeVeque Tower. Guests