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Oct 26, 2015
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With two dozen scheduled executions on hold, Ohio is pushing to obtain a lethal-injection drug from overseas to end the shortage. Issue 3, the initiative to legalize marijuana in Ohio, might be derailed if issue 2, a competing ballot measure that would prohibit a monopoly on drugs like marijuana, is passed. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is placing a renewal levy on the November ballot that will ask Franklin County voters for financial support. 


The decision to push back execution dates for a dozen condemned killers for a year or more has angered supporters of the death penalty in Ohio. And it has some state lawmakers considering new methods for execution.

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Ohio is delaying executions until at least 2017 while prison officials try to secure supplies of hard-to-obtain lethal injection drugs, officials said. Gov. John Kasich has issued warrants of reprieve allowing the execution dates for 11 inmates scheduled to die next year and one scheduled for early 2017 to be pushed into ensuing years.

Feds Say Ohio Plan To Import Execution Drugs Is Illegal

Aug 20, 2015
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The feds are warning Ohio not to try to bring in drugs from other countries to carry out executions.

Agreement Reached Over Lethal Injection Information Request

Mar 26, 2015
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An agreement has been reached over death row inmates’ subpoenas of Board of Pharmacy information about drugs used for lethal injection in Ohio.

At issue were attempts by inmates’ lawyers to find out more about the state’s lethal injection process, which now calls for two drugs Ohio doesn’t have and which may only be available in specialty doses created by compounding pharmacies.