Let Us Break Bread Together

color photo of foccaccia
Matija Breads / facebook.com/Matija-Breads-798266626863594/

“I love, love, love to feed people,” Matt Swint said. “I don’t think that there’s anything cooler in the world.”

Courtesy of Adora Namigadde

WOSU News Reporter Adora Namigadde grew up savoring the traditional foods her Ugandan family prepared – including the lightly spiced Ugandan doughnut called mandazi. Namigadde says mandazi is at the heart of every family get-together. Seriously.

For Columbus attorney Stephen McCoy, bread means family. And not just any bread, but the traditional Armenian braided sweetbread called choreg.

And not just any choreg recipe, but the recipe his great-grandmother carried with her through war, through genocide, across two continents and in utter poverty to a new life – and a new family – in America.