Leontyne Price

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 Monteverdi, Brahms and Palestrina are all wonderful. If I hear their music after I die, I'll know I made it to heaven ... big "if."

But sometimes, you have to get down and dirty.  

Sony Classical has purchased the old RCA Red Seal catalog of recordings made in the 1960s and '70s, and many of these are being brought back after many years.


The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts take a summer break, and I step in to bring you grand opera, both favorites and the unexpected. Opera and More returns to Classical 101 at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 20, followed by every Saturday afternoon through the fall.

screencap of the National Endowment for the Arts' Opera Honors interview with Leontyne Price
National Endowment for the Arts / Wikimedia Commons

The magnificent American soprano Leontyne Price celebrates her 90th birthday Feb. 10.

Classical 101 by Request invites you to a birthday celebration. We'll be playing your favorite performances by the great lady from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10.

To get in on the party, go to wosu.org/requests, and let me know what you'd like to hear.

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What's your favorite recording of Christmas music? We've all got them. I'll share a few of mine, and you can share yours in the comment section below! 

Last May, I wrote a post about “10 Great Children’s Books about Classical Music.” Even now, months later, you, the readers of this blog, continue to show overwhelming interest in that post, so I decided to expand upon it with another annotated list of great children’s books about music and, this time, also dance, but with an even greater focus.

Opera Columbus

The way to a kid's heart maybe less through music at first, but more through stories. Here's a list of some of my favorite books about opera, suitable for kids. This is by no means exhaustive, just a sampling. Feel free to send in your own favorite titles:

Sing Me a Story, the Metropolitan Opera Book of Opera Stories for Children by Jane Rosenberg

Suitable for grades 3-6; and beautifully illustrated. Breaks down the intricacies (impossibilities!) of some opera plots.