New requirements aim to keep Ohioans safe from lead contamination in their drinking water.

In its first year, Cleveland’s Rental Inspection Unit has completed 763 random tests for lead dust.

Out of those inspections, the city issued 34 violations, with less than half of those properties now cleared of their lead hazard.

Department of Building and Housing Director Ayonna Blue Donald testified before city council’s Development, Planning, and Sustainability Committee Tuesday, saying she wants three additional properties cleared by the end of the year.

11 appeals were filed and Donald said the remaining five violations are heading toward prosecution.

A partnership focused on tracking and treating elevated levels of lead in Cleveland children found 11 percent of those tested had levels higher than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s public action standard.

One hundred and sixty students ages 3 to 6 in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District were tested in the spring and program directors are working to test an additional 20 students this month.

Students at Mound Elementary School participated in the first round of lead testing in the partnership between the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and Case Western Reserve University.
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On a Monday morning, Mound Elementary School Nurse Angelique King walks kindergartener Darrell into a small classroom, sits with him at a knee-high table and pulls out an alcohol wipe.

Cleaning up lead paint from contaminated homes takes a lot of money. By one estimate from the Cleveland Foundation, it could cost $50 million to make some of the city’s most distressed neighborhoods safe from the toxin.

So who’s going to pay for that? Cuyahoga County and philanthropic leaders think private investors might be swayed to put up the cash. This financial model is called “pay for success,” and it’s becoming more popular with local governments.

Chipping Lead Paint
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The Erie County Health Department says results from a spring testing program are showing elevated lead levels in the blood of far more local children than expected.

Wellness Wednesday: Lead in Food, COPD, Fitness Training

Jun 28, 2017
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According to a new report 20 percent of baby food samples were found to contain lead. Now the Environmental Defense Fund is calling for the federal government and manufacturers to lower the amount of lead in food and increase regular testing for lead.

The comeback of the American bald eagle is a success story across the Great Lakes region, and keeping them safe is a high priority for many environmental professionals. But one serious threat to the great raptor is lead poisoning.

The Danger of Lead in Ohio

May 30, 2017
Texas National Guard members distributing water in Flint, Michigan.
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The next two-year Ohio budget is being proposed with a controversial new amendment that would give sole authority to the Ohio Health Department in overseeing the reduction of lead use. From lead-contaminated water in Flint, Michigan to 51 houses with known lead hazards in Columbus alone, the regulation of lead is an issue we will need to tackle whether it be at the state or local level. 

Join us today as we discuss the dangerous impact of lead in Ohio. 

Ohio EPA

The Ohio EPA is expecting maps of the lead pipes in the state’s local water systems by Thursday as part of an overhaul of how Ohio deals with lead in drinking water.  But by Wednesday afternoon, only about half of the systems had complied.

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Ohio's Environmental Protection Agency says about half of the state's public drinking water systems are in danger of missing a deadline requiring them to map out their lead pipes.

A year ago, Flint, Mich., Mayor Karen Weaver declared a state of emergency because of lead-contaminated drinking water, attracting national outrage and sympathy, and millions of gallons of donated water.

But a year later donations have slowed to a trickle, and little has changed — unfiltered water here is still unsafe to drink.

SEBRING, Ohio (AP) - Regulators say lead levels in tap water have been below the federal allowable limit in 96 percent of the samples tested this past week in a northeast Ohio village.

Senator Wants Quicker Tap Water Alerts

Feb 3, 2016

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown plans to introduce legislation this week that would quickly alert citizens if their drinking water is unsafe.  Brown's amendment comes in response to lead contamination of tap water in Flint, Michigan and now in Sebring, Ohio.

Water faucet
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 A Columbus city official says protective measures are in place to prevent any water contamination from lead, like what occurred in Flint, Michigan.