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Columbus Division of Police

The Columbus Division of Police is testing out a new uniform meant to improve officer comfort and safety.

Recruits at the Columbus Police Academy are trained for the department's new Police And Community Together Team.
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The Columbus Division of Police kicked off training Wednesday for the Police and Community Together Team, which is replacing the disbanded Vice Unit.

Columbus Police disproportionately use force against black suspects, according to a department-wide review released by the city Wednesday. The study also found wide racial disparities in the public perception of police.

Some of Columbus Police's new therapy dogs.
Columbus Police

Columbus Police are training five therapy dogs and police handlers to provide comfort to victims and witnesses of crime.

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New York City Police Commissioner James O'Neill announced Monday that the police department is terminating the officer involved in the fatal 2014 altercation with Eric Garner, ending a five-year battle over the officer's status.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo used a chokehold on Garner, which is banned by the city's police department, O'Neill said.

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Officials in Philadelphia are praising city law enforcement for peacefully resolving a chaotic episode Wednesday night in which a gunman armed with an AR-15 and a handgun fired off more than 100 rounds, hitting six police officers, then barricaded himself inside a residence, creating a more than seven-hour standoff.

The suspect is now in custody and all six wounded officers have been released from local hospitals.

Gov. Mike DeWine signs the executive order creating the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center on July 31, 2019.
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Gov. Mike DeWine created the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center with an executive order on Wednesday.

Wednesday's Democratic presidential primary debate in Detroit was interrupted twice by protesters in the audience who were trying to draw attention to immigration and policing issues.

The first happened only minutes into the debate, which was broadcast live on CNN. During New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker's opening statement, a few audience members began yelling, "Fire Pantaleo."

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Columbus Police Interim Chief Tom Quinlan says he is considering changing a department policy that forbids officers from wearing headscarves.

Fifteen-year-old Ja'seon Tolliver says police officers stopped him and his friend while the police searched for a robber at a nearby store. Police asked if the two teenage boys were involved and they said no. Ja'seon says the boys cooperated with the officers' request for their information. The situation changed though, he says, when Ja'seon's friend jogged off to catch his basketball.

Tasers are carried by some 400,000 American patrol officers, according to Axon, the company with a monopoly on producing them in the U.S. Though the electrical weapons are widely used, police in major cities rate them as less effective, APM Reports found in its yearlong investigation. In more than 250 cases over three years, a Taser failed to subdue someone who was then shot and killed by police.

Here are five key takeaways:

The Supreme Court has ruled that police may, without a warrant, order blood drawn from an unconscious person suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Fourth Amendment generally requires police to obtain a warrant for a blood draw. But in a 5-4 vote on Thursday, the court upheld a Wisconsin law that says people driving on a public road have impliedly consented to having their blood drawn if police suspect them of driving under the influence. It also said that "exigent circumstances" permit police to obtain a blood sample without a warrant.

Community members gather at the Columbus Urban League on June 25, 2019, to discuss what they want from a new Columbus Police chief.
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The city of Columbus held a community forum Tuesday night to hear from residents about what they want in the next Columbus Police chief.

Suicide In Law Enforcement

Jun 25, 2019
Police car lights

The estimated number of U.S. law enforcment officers who died by suicide outnumbered those who died in the line of duty for the third straight year in 2018.

It's a growing issue in police department across the  country, but a lack of data and relunctance to admit it exists have only exacerbated the issue.

Today on All Sides, suicide in law enforcement and how police officers are trained to manage the job.

In this Jan. 16, 2013 file photo, an assortment of firearms are seen for sale at Capitol City Arms Supply in Springfield, Ill.
Seth Perlman / Associated Press

An Ohio House committee on Wednesday considered legislation opposed by law enforcement groups that would drop the requirement for people carrying concealed weapons to say they are armed during interactions with officers.