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The entrance to FirstEnergy Corp.'s Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio.
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Ohioans are being bombarded with an ad campaign focused on an energy bill—House Bill 6—that’s being debated in the state legislature.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Apr 17, 2013

10:00 It's a busy time for the Buckeye State.  With new proposals to re-introduce Medicaid expansion, exempt the Masons from taxes, and ban "gateway sexual activity" education, there's plenty for our Ohio Reporter Roundtable to talk about. This hour of All Sides we'll take a close look at the issues in the news, and discuss everything from the Adena Pipe to nursing home quality control.    Guests

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

Feb 15, 2013

10:00 The Statehouse is busy this time of year. On this hour, we'll talk about the latest news from the Ohio General Assembly. Guests

  • Laura Bischoff, Correspondent for Dayton Daily News
  • Bill Cohen, Correspondent for the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau
  • Julie Carr Smyth, Statehouse Correspondent for AP

10:00 It's that time of year again: the lame duck session where some lawmakers are leaving and new faces will take their seats. This time is can be one of the most productive times of the year. On this hour, we'll talk about what is left to be done on the state and national level. Guests

  • Mark Niquette (Ohio government reporter for Bloomberg News)
  • Laura Bischoff (Correspondent for Dayton Daily News)
  • Jessica Wehrman (Reporter for the Columbus Dispatch Washington Bureau)

10:00 On this hour of "All Sides," we'll cover changes in the retirement landscape. Can pension systems and 401K retirement savings plans still meet the needs of retirees? What’s the best way to fund retirement going forward? Can 401ks be more like pensions? We'll answer those questions and more. Guests

  • Diane Oakley (Executive Director, National Institute on Retirement Security)
  • Laura Bischoff (Correspondent, Dayton Daily News)
  • Greg Daugherty (Executive Editor, Consumer Reports)

11:00 The Ohio State University Men's Basketball team is heading to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament in New Orleans this weekend... On this segment, we'll talk about their season and the upcoming game. Guest

Post-Primary Wrap Up

Mar 7, 2012

10:00 Super Tuesday is over... Who are the winners? What do the results predict for the November election? But first, one new website is keeping tabs on politicians. Join the conversation on this hour of "All Sides." Guests

Post-Election Statehouse News Panel

Nov 9, 2011

10:00 A momentous election day ended with  the repeal of Senate Bill 5 and Mayor Coleman's fourth term victory. On this hour of "All Sides," a panel of political news correspondents discuss yesterday's competitions and what issues were deemed important to Ohioans. Guests

  • Karen Kasler (Bureau Chief, Ohio Statehouse News Bureau)
  • Laura Bischoff (Correspondent, Dayton Daily News)
  • Joe Vardon (Public Affairs Reporter, The Columbus Dispatch)

Who Writes Ohio's Legislation?

Jul 27, 2011

The old saying, laws are like sausages, it’s better not to watch them being made is one thing. Yet, in a democracy, should we know who is writing our laws? Leaked documents from the secretive American Legislative Exchange Council - a private issues club for corporations and lawmakers, included model bills written by the corporations for statehouses around the country.

10:00 - We'll discuss the latest news from the Statehouse, unions, liquor laws, Bob Evans, and more. 10:40 - Rain, rain, go away… This may be one of the soggiest Aprils on record in Columbus and throughout the state of Ohio. Will this weather continue and will the May flowers come eventually? Guests:

Last Thursday, March 31, Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 5 (SB5), legislation that limits the collective bargaining rights for 360,000 public employees. But the political battle continues as opponents of the collective bargaining overhaul vow to collect the two-hundred-thousand signatures necessary to put the issue on a state referendum in November, 2011. Dayton Daily News Reporter Laura Bischoff discusses the economic and political impact of the new law, and what to expect next. Links:

Governor's Debate Preview

Oct 7, 2010

A preview of the second and final debate between candidates for Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland and John Kasich, with Ohio Public Radio/TV news bureau reporter Jo Ingles, Dayton Daily News statehouse reporter Laura Bischoff and Columbus Dispatch statehouse reporter Mark Niquette.

2010 Election Updates

Jul 14, 2010

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute assistant director Peter Brown, The Columbus Dispatch chief political writer Joe Hallett and Dayton Daily News Columbus bureau reporter Laura Bischoff.

Ohio Statehouse News

May 20, 2010

The news at the Ohio statehouse, with Ohio public radio statehouse news bureau correspondent Bill Cohen, Ohio public radio statehouse news bureau chief Karen Kasler and Dayton Daily News Columbus bureau reporter Laura Bischoff.

Challenges of Life after Prison

Jan 26, 2010

Challenges faced by ex-offenders and programs to help them successfully re-enter society; and stories about ex-offenders who were granted pardons by the Governor, with Ohio Access Network president/CEO Reginald Wilkinson, Alvis House vice president for agency programs Lois Hochstetler and Dayton Daily news staff writer Laura Bischoff.