Kyle Koehler

About 75 people wearing masks and carrying signs protest outside the Ohio Statehouse on Thursday, April 9, 2020, in Columbus, Ohio.
Karen Kasler / Statehouse News Bureau

The Republican representative who proposed Ohio's "Stand Your Ground" law says he’s concerned about an armed march planned for the Statehouse this weekend.

guns on display in a gun store
Seth Perlman / Associated Press

A controversial gun law that removes the "duty to retreat" requirement before a person can use lethal force in self-defense was passed by the Ohio Senate, less than a day after the changes were added by the Ohio House.

Central Ohio House members Rep. Rick Carfagna (R-Genoa Township) walking with Rep. Laura Lanese (R-Grove City) before announcing a bill to repeal HB6.
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

Republican lawmakers say they're working on how to move forward given the arrest of House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford), who now faces federal racketeering charges. This could set up a new fight to become the next speaker.

In this June 30, 2015 file photo, a Confederate flag flies at the base of Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain, Ga.
David Goldman / Associated Press

Lawmakers in an Ohio House committee rejected a proposed amendment that would have banned the sale and display of the Confederate flag at county fairs in Ohio.

tractor in farm field
Jean Beaufort / Public Domain Pictures

Ohio farmers who want to sell their property to a younger farmer in their family could get a tax incentive to do so.

voting booths
John Minchillo / Associated Press

A resolution seems to be gaining momentum in the Ohio House that would change the process for putting a constitutional amendment on a statewide ballot. State Rep. Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) wants to keep the total amount of signatures at the same threshold but require more of those signatures to come from more Ohio counties.

Lisa Marie Pane / AP

Lawmakers and dozens of opponents to a pro-gun bill squared off in an Ohio House committee over so-called “Constitutional Carry," HB178, a bill that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon without the need for a permit or training.

Ohio Statehouse Legislative Chamber
Bob Hall / Flickr

Lawmakers are considering a dramatic change to the way Ohio issues licenses for people in certain professions and industries. Supporters say this measure would help clear out unnecessary licensing boards.

Karen Kasler / Statehouse News Bureau

State representatives plan on returning to Columbus this week to vote on the long-awaited payday lending bill. The legislation, if passed, would overhaul the way the industry is regulated in Ohio.

payday lending sign
Tony Webster / Flickr

The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed long-awaited payday loan legislation meant to close loopholes those lenders use to charge high interest rates.

payday lending sign
Tony Webster / Flickr

Accusations are flying at the State Capitol as the Ohio House continues in disorder without a speaker. The lawmaker considered to be the frontrunner says his rivals, such as the payday lending industry, are pulling the strings to delay a vote. But a top lending association is mounting its own, major accusation.

payday lending sign
Tony Webster / Flickr

A bill to crack down on payday lending passed an Ohio House committee without any changes, a week after the House Speaker resigned and a vote on the bill was halted.

payday lending sign
Tony Webster / Flickr

Ohio House Republicans balked at passing a bill to reform the payday lending industry just hours after Cliff Rosenberger, the top Republican leader, stepped down amid an FBI inquiry.

Payday lending office
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

A citizens group is trying to put an issue on the ballot that would cap the interest rates of payday loans at 28 percent without any loopholes. The ballot measure is a reaction to lawmakers not taking any action on a pending bill. House leaders say they’re ready to move forward with that bill.

Republican Representative Kyle Koehler speaks at a prayer vigil.
Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

A bipartisan bill that would crack down on Ohio’s 650 payday lenders has received its first hearing in the House.