kent state university

Kent State University

Kent State University’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved a 10-year, $1 billion campus transformation plan, the first since 1996.

Gov. John Kasich singled out the activism of a Kent State University student during his final State of the State address on tonight.

Kasich gave freshman Antonina Schubert a “Courage Award” for her work in mental-health support.

She’s founder of the Nightingale Project, which helps people with depression, and seeks to end the stigma associated with mental disorders.

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At Kent State University’s Police Academy, a class of 24 recruits gathers on a recent evening to train in how to be ready for combative situations. Millennial recruits make up about three-quarters of the class.

eSport gamers play League of Legends during a competion.
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Kent State University could be the latest school to add a varsity program for e-sports, multiplayer videogame competitions.

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Kent State University has turned down a request from associates of white nationalist Richard Spencer to hold an event at its Student Multicultural Center on May 4. That’s the 48th anniversary of the day the National Guard shot 13 students protesting the Vietnam War, killing four.

Richard Spencer
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As representatives for Richard Spencer move forward with a lawsuit against The Ohio State University, other colleges are considering similar requests for him to speak on their campuses.

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A new study is looking at whether people can fight obesity by playing a trick on their own eyes.

Joel Hughes is a researcher and professor of psychological sciences at Kent State University. He is working to change the way food is presented on plates to combat the country’s growing obesity epidemic.

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Researchers from Kent State University and Edinhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have developed the world’s first material to convert light into kinetic energy.

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A few blocks from the Kent State University campus, Ibrahim Albadri shares a small apartment with a roommate and his orange tabby named Zena.

Who Should Stand for Ohio?

Mar 31, 2010

Since 1864, each state has chosen two deceased residents to be represented in the National Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol. Now, Ohio residents can vote for a new representative to replace former Ohio Governor William Allen. The Ohioan that would best represent the state based on historic renown and distinguished civic or military service, with Ohio Historical Society Government Relations director Todd Kleismit, Miami University distinguished history professor Andrew Cayton and Kent State University associate provost Stephane Booth.