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Kent Smith

The election of Republican Speaker Larry Householder caused a shakeup among Ohio House Democrats as well. They’ve now picked new leadership, and for the first time women make up a majority of that team.

Ohio Statehouse Legislative Chamber
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Bills can move quickly in the lame duck session of the legislature. That was the case with a bill that was pulled from consideration by lawmakers last week, but passed both chambers unanimously today.

School districts like Hilliard have implemented iPads in the classroom.
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Democratic state lawmakers are using these last few weeks of session to try and eliminate school district takeovers by the state. This process has allowed the state to assign a CEO to take control of an academically failing district.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

The Ohio House has passed a pair of bills requiring photos on electronic benefit cards, and checks on recipients' sources of income and immigration status.

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Given the success of Ohio’s Motion Picture Tax Credit, Ohio lawmakers are now trying to offer the same treatment to music recording.