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Jon Husted

10:00 am Six days may not seem like much, but when elections are involved, every day counts. Several bills aimed at changing voting in Ohio, one of which cuts the early voting period from 35 to 29 days, are up for a vote in the Ohio House next week. This hour, we'll discuss the reasoning behind the proposed changes and how these changes may affect voters. Guests

11:00 Controversy has erupted over voting hours across Ohio. On this hour, we'll talk about the extended hours and backlash from counties. Guests

  • Jon Husted (Ohio Secretary of State)
  • Dennis Lieberman (former Montgomery County Board of Elections member)
  • Michael McDonald (Associate Professor at George Mason University)

Redrawing Districts in Ohio

Jul 26, 2011

2011 is the year for redistricting. Congressional and legislative districts  will be redrawn as a result of the 2010 National Census.  In Ohio, two congressional districts will be lost because of a drop in population. Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher we look at what shapes the districts could take  for current congressional seats...What does it mean for the voters in Ohio when  Republicans hold a congressional seat advantage over Democrats - 13 to 5?  Will that advantage increase as districts are redrawn?  We’ll find out... Guests:

Election Reform... What You Need to Know

Jun 21, 2011

Nearly 500 elections officials from around Ohio are gathered this week in Columbus for the 2011 statewide elections officials conference. There’s lots to talk about, including two bills pending in the Ohio general assembly. Join All Sides today for a discussion about election reform. What questions do you have about how voting will change? We will be having a conversation with Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted for the entire hour. Guest:

  • Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State

3C Passenger Rail Plan

Feb 3, 2010

Two points of view about federal funding for the 3C passenger rail plan for Ohio, with Ohio Rail Development Commission public information officer Stu Nicholson and State Senator Jon Husted (6th Ohio Senate District). How passenger rail service established in Maine in 2001 became, by 2006, Amtrack’s fastest growing service, with Northern New England Rail Passenger Authority executive director Patricia Quinn.