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It’s estimated over 95 percent of the current prison population nationwide will be released at some time. The Obama administration also wants to reduce prison time for those who have committed non-violent crimes.

Ohio’s official jobless rate remain unchanged at 5.2 percent last month.

That’s according to the May jobs report released this morning. It says a survey of employers showed an increase of about 12,000 workers last month, while another survey of workers found about 5,000 more people filing for unemployment benefits in May.

Professional and business services added the most positions. Leisure and hospitality, and local governments lost the most jobs in May.

Job Market for New Grads

Jun 10, 2015
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A recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers says the outlook for newly graduated job-seekers is pretty good-- but that’s “pretty good” with some qualifiers. This hour, what this year’s crop of first-time job seekers can expect and tips for standing out from the crowd

Ohio Removes Felony Question From Job Applications

Jun 1, 2015
Job application
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Applicants for civil-service jobs in Ohio are no longer being asked whether they've been convicted of a felony.

Amazon Ups Ohio Jobs To 1,000; Begins Collecting Sales Taxes

May 29, 2015
Ohio Public Radio

Amazon has announced a Midwest expansion in Ohio that will include 1,000 well-paying jobs over the next several years.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says the city has a jobs problem, too many teens and young adults, thousands, are unemployed. The mayor says the city will help some find jobs but he's also appealing to the city's private businesses.

AARP Helps Seniors Find Jobs

Mar 2, 2015
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If you’re over 55 and having trouble finding a job, there is one place that can help. AARP’s Senior Employment Program in Whitehall served more than 16-thousand people last year.

Tinker? Tailor? What You're Meant to Do

Jun 25, 2013

10:00 My Son, the Folk Singer was a parody album in the 1960s, whose title plays on the idea that moms don't brag about kids with non-traditional careers. This hour's guest says we are too often influenced by even well-meaning advice of those around us, and we should judge success by our own terms, and only after assessing what we love and what we're good at. Guests

10:00 This hour, we'll consider recent efforts in Columbus and Minnesota to recruit from Somali and eastern African communities, to increase diversity and improve community relationships. Guests:

10:00 Jobs are moving, and the market is shifting. On this hour of "All Sides," we'll talk about the new geography transitions in the job market and the new, up-and-coming cities in which to look for jobs in the future. Guests

Small Business and the Economy

Sep 13, 2011

This hour on All Sides we're talking about small businesses in central Ohio. Today, President Barack Obama is visiting Columbus to talk about jobs and his American Jobs Act. How will this bill change central Ohio? Guests:

  • Doug Buchanan, Editor, Columbus Business First
  • Terri Williams Davy, COO, The Computer Workshop, Inc.


I've never left central Ohio. I grew up in Bexley, headed 35 minutes east to Granville for college and then returned to the 614 to begin my journalism career in 2008. At Denison University, my horizons were greatly expanded, and I met people from all over the world. I enjoyed learning about different places and cultures and knew my experiences and education could take me anywhere I wanted to go. After graduation my friends left for places like Austria and Boston, while I returned home to Columbus. Sometimes, I wish I would have ventured to one of those faraway places.

Ohio Unemployment Jumps In July.

Aug 15, 2008

Ohio's jobless rate jumped again in July. The Department of Job and Family Services says unemployment rose to 7.2% of the workforce last month.

"The last time we saw a 7.2 rate was back in December of 1992."

Spokesman Brian Harter says job losses in banking, government, and manufacturing helped drive up the jobless numbers. But, Harter says one industry is hiring.