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Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost joined by former Ohio attorneys general Nancy Rogers (left) and Betty Montgomery (right) to call for lifting the statute of limitations on rape.
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is calling on state lawmakers to lift the statute of limitations on rape. Five former Ohio attorneys general, both Democrats and Republicans, are joining Yost in advocating for this change.

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According to the former Attorney General, the criminal justice system needs reforming.  Wrongful convictions need to be investigated and we must pursue the real criminals. But what can be done and what are the steps to getting there? Guests:

  • Jim Petro, former Attorney General of Ohio
  • Nancy Petro, author

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Since 1989, DNA evidence has exonerated 255 people in the United States. The average prison-term length among them? 13 years.  In some cases, even with exonerating DNA evidence, the wrongfully imprisoned don’t just walk out of prison. Former Ohio attorney general Jim Petro learned that sometimes, even when the evidence points toward not guilty, the innocent are prosecuted and serve time. He learned this the hard way, as the first sitting state attorney general to intervene on behalf of the accused in a case to exonerate them.