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color photo o Yolanda Kondonassis surounded by harps
Laura Watilo Blake /

If you think playing the harp is something only angels do, then you’ve never met Yolanda Kondonassis. She's in part the reason why the new harp concerto that Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Jennifer Higdon wrote for Kondonassis is anything but angel food.


Music for summer — you probably think of Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, maybe George Frideric Handel's Water Music or Summer Night on the River by Frederick Delius. Estimable choices, all.

But there's a world of work by less-familiar composers who wrote amazingly evocative music that captures the lazy, languid days and nights of summer.

  There have been a lot of new operas premiered over the last several years. This follows a drought that was broken by John Adams and Nixon in China.  It's a shock to realize that was thirty years ago; Adams has gone on to more success on the lyric stage. As has John Corigliano, Phillip Glass, Ricky Ian Gordon,  John Harbison and Charles Wourinen. Jake Heggie is the American-composer-darling of the-world, with Dead Man Walking and Moby-Dick.