Issue 1

Columbus on The Record looks back at the Democratic National Convention and Donald Trump's latest controversial statements.

On Tuesday Columbus voters will decide whether to change the way the city is governed. Issue 1 would change Columbus City Council from seven at-large members to 13 members, 10 of which would represent a particular ward or neighborhood. A number of U.S. cities, like Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas, have recently made the switch to a ward city council.  

Redistricting Compromise Cruises To Victory

Nov 4, 2015

The first issue on the ballot was the first to be called, as it was apparent early on that voters were approving Issue 1 overwhelmingly. But advocates against gerrymandering say they're not finished.

Election Wrap-Up

Nov 4, 2015

The race for Columbus' new mayor is down to two candidates: Andrew Ginther and Zach Scott. Voting for Issue 3 would legalize marijuana and create 10 facilities across Ohio with exclusive commercial growing rights. Voting for Issue 2 would likely kill Issue 3 because it would stop these growing sites. Meanwhile, Issue 1 will change the way Ohio House and Senate districts are drawn.


The race for Columbus' new mayor is down to two candidates. This hour, an interview with mayoral candidate Zach Scott about his views on the major issues facing the city. Also, we'll take a closer look at Issue 1 and what it means for legislative redistricting changes.

The Ohio Democratic Party will decide Saturday where it stands on a proposed overhaul of Ohio's redistricting system.

Ohio Elections Chief Backs Redistricting Issue On Ballot

Aug 25, 2015
Ohio Secretary of State

Ohio's elections chief, a long-time advocate for changes to how the state draws its political districts, is backing a proposed overhaul of the process on the fall ballot.

11:00 If Ohioans pass State Issue 3, a clear message would be sent to Washington that a federal health mandate is too far-reaching. Even if a "yes" vote doesn't overturn the federal law, what could be the effects? Guests