To celebrate Valentine's Day, you can buy a sappy card. Or a silly one.

Or, you can buy one that takes on Islamophobia with messages like "This burka is built for two" and "First Muslim Registry ... Then Wedding Registry."

These are some of the valentine creations of Tanzila Ahmed, a Los-Angeles-based writer, artist, activist and co-host of the podcast #GoodMuslimBadMuslim.

The messages make people laugh — and squirm. And that was absolutely her intention, Ahmed says.

It's an evening late in the spring, and the sun is perilously close to setting. I'm getting nervous. Ramadan brings out the Muslim rush when it's time to break our fast, which puts me among the throng outside of Bantam King, a Japanese restaurant in D.C.'s Chinatown where we've all congregated. That's because Bantam King announced on Facebook that it was only serving halal food during the holy month.

A friend enters the shop and greets me. "Hey, assalamu alaikum," she says. Gesturing to the people around us she remarks, "I guess everyone came to try the halal ramen."


A man accused of writing anti-Muslim comments on an Ohio mosque has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of desecrating a place of worship and misdemeanor charges of ethnic intimidation and criminal mischief.

Hira Siddiqui/Facebook

A hate group identified as The Official Street Preachers held a demonstration outside a Columbus mosque on Friday afternoon, drawing a counter-protest of around 50 people.

M.L. Schultze / WKSU

Sunday marks the culmination of one discussion among Jews and Muslims in Northeast Ohio -- and the start of another one. The local dialogue predates Charlottesville, the Muslim travel ban and the election of Donald Trump.


A Hilliard man has been charged with vandalizing a Columbus-area mosque, in an incident that the Franklin County prosecutor and investigators are now calling a hate crime.

CAIR Wants Mosque Graffiti Investigated As Hate Crime

Feb 13, 2017

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says it wants investigators looking into vandalism found at a northwest Columbus mosque on Friday to consider it a hate crime.

Updated at 1:30 p.m. ET

Police in Quebec City have arrested a suspect following a shooting at a mosque there that left six people dead and wounded eight others Sunday night. After initially saying they had two suspects in custody, police said Monday that they determined one of the men was instead a witness.

According to Canadian authorities, a gunman opened fire inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre around 8 p.m. ET, as about 40 people were gathered for evening prayers.

Michigan middle school students chanting "build a wall" at Latino classmates. A woman speaking a foreign language on a San Francisco Bay Area train being called an "ugly, mean, evil, little pig." A Los Angeles student reportedly being teased that she was going to be deported.

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ATLANTA (AP) - The FBI says the number of hate crimes reported to police increased by about 6.7 percent last year, led largely by a 67 percent surge in crimes against Muslims.

Columbus City Hall
Derek Jensen / Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, the Columbus City Council unanimously passed a resolution condemning Islamophobia.  Passage followed a roundtable discussion at Columbus City Hall conducted by various faith leaders in Central Ohio. 


Dec 15, 2015
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In the wake of growing ISIS-backed attacks like those in Paris, national security talks are at the top of the political agenda. Donald Trump says he would even propose a total ban on Muslim immigrants into the United States. According to FBI statistics, hate crimes in America dropped in 2014, except in the category of anti-Muslim crimes, which increased about 14 percent. This hour, we're talking about the manifestation of Islamophobia and America's climate of anti-Muslim discrimination.