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A legal case in Columbus that’s recently come to light is raising questions about the intersection of technology and privacy.


Join us for our weekly look at new developments in the tech world. As questions concerning their role in Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election emerge, Facebook continues to investigate manipulation of and diagnose the security of their advertising algorithms. Amish communities embracing new technology in their businesses and homes try to balance opportunity and access with traditional values.

Later, we look under the hood of the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone X smartphones and discuss industry reaction to their announcement with Russell Holly.


Join us for our weekly look at new developments in the tech world. A data breach at Equifax, a top credit reporting company, exposes the personal data of millions of people.

We look at the growth and trends of Columbus' video game industry and the upcoming GDEX gaming expo. And, Apple is set to premiere new details about the new iPhone 8.

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Landmark internet privacy protections that were enacted in the Obama era were dismantled by Congress in a 50-48 vote on Thursday. Telecommunications companies are now able to sell consumer data without asking permission, which companies like Facebook and Google were already allowed to do. Today we'll discuss this, the future of Twitter and the latest in tech news.


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The iPhone celebrated its 10th anniversary this week. One of the most influential technologies of the 21st century, the iPhone revolutionized the cell phone market. Today we discuss the history of the iPhone, the return of analog and the biggest news from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. 

Tech Tuesday: E-Books, Self-Driving Ubers, and Kid's Tech

Sep 20, 2016
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Uber unleashed four self-driving cars to the streets of Pittsburgh last week. The partnership with the ride-share company is part of the city’s plan to brand itself as a tech friendly hub. Uber is speeding ahead in the race against competitors like Google, which don’t have plans to unveil autonomous cars till 2020. Plus, a look at trends in e-book reading and a guide on choosing a smartwatch for kids.


Many ask why Apple doesn't make its iPhones in the U.S.  One analysis of the economic factors shows why bringing those jobs to our shores may not be feasible.  Plus, when tragedy strikes, many are finding comfort in expressing their grief online through social media. 

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Twitter just celebrated its 10 year anniversary and with this milestone, we're looking at Twitter's successes and setbacks over the years. And, with many school children's spring break just around the corner, we'll explore what kinds of apps are worthwhile and educational for kids to be playing on. Also, Apple has released it's new iPhone today, along with other product line updates. 

Tech Tuesday: Apple versus the FBI, FCC and Cable Boxes

Feb 23, 2016

After Apple refused to create software that would allow the FBI to gain access to the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter, questions have been raised over the need for both security and privacy. Also, the Federal Communications Commission is hoping to change how consumers pay for a set-top box and what the implications of that change would be. 

11:00 For most kids the school day is filled with teacher lectures and instructions; night is full of homework and review. But is that really the best use of time? This hour we'll hear about the "flipped classroom," where lectures happen online, and kids and teachers gather for projects and practice. Then it's a look at online gang violence and the trouble with iphone fingerprint recognition. Guests

11:00 Cyber bullying is an epidemic plaguing schools of every description. Most school officials would do anything to stop it, but how far is too far? This hour we'll look at a California district using a tech company to monitor students' social media activity. And we'll examine the scariest part of a self-driving car: When a human takes over. Plus it's new gadget info on the iPhone 5 and more. Guests

10:00 Rise and shine, sleepyheads! While getting up has never been easy, it's never been more easily customized, with alarm clocks that soothe, cajole and curse, if that's what it takes. This hour we'll get a rundown of the best apps and gadgets to drag you out of bed. We'll also learn about how technology attached to your pooch could help save lives, and a rundown of the big news from Apple. Guests