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intellectual property

Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Federal authorities have announced trade secret theft charges against husband-and-wife researchers who worked for 10 years at Nationwide Children's Hospital's Research Institute.

Work at a Ohio State University lab.
Ohio State University

Ohio's public universities are teaming up to create one simplified process for students and staff to commercialize their research and inventions.

Sherrod Brown
Nick Castele / ideastream

Sen. Sherrod Brown sent a letter to President Trump on Wednesday urging him to stay tough in trade talks with China. That same day, the Senate Banking Committee passed a bill co-sponsored by Brown with a similar goal. 

Wikimedia Commons

It’s half “Green Acres,” half “Mission: Impossible.” Imagine foreign scientists trying to smuggle rice seeds out of the U.S to China, or digging to unearth the secrets of proprietary strains of corn.

These two cases are part of what the FBI calls the growing threat of agricultural espionage.