Tech Tuesday: Hyperloop One & Facebook's New Feed

Jan 23, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

The travel time from Columbus to Chicago or Pittsburgh may soon be cut down to just a few minutes. Hyperloop One is looking to bring high speed transportation to the Midwest with futuristic tube technology. We'll take a look at how the project is coming along and what the next steps will be.

Also, a look at how Facebook is changing its News Feed feature and Russell Holly joins us to talk about the latest in tech industry and retail news. 

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  Today at 11 am

According to a new study, use of certain Instagram filters can reveal depression. Also, new partisan news sources have risen in their popularity on Facebook in this election season. Additionally, with a new update, WhatsApp is providing Facebook with users' phone numbers, HP is incorporating a new privacy screen in its laptops, and there is a a new single lens 360 degree camera available as a GoPro attachment. 


Facebook has acquired Instagram... As the company's largest acquisition yet, what does it mean for the future of Facebook? Then, the Justice Department has launched suits against major eBooks providers for price fixing... What will this mean in the future of prices for eBooks? And finally, we'll talk about new ways to watch movies, Google's Project Glass and more.