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Months of tax revenues coming in under estimates have Gov. John Kasich trimming back his two-year state budget by $800 million. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports that has budget watchers wondering what will be cut.

Nothing is off limits

The state has a $615 million shortfall in this year’s budget, with revenues coming in behind forecasts for eight of the last nine months. With that in mind, Gov. John Kasich announced he’s pulling back his budget proposal by $400 million for each of the two years in the spending plan. 

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For the fourth time in five months, the state has fallen short of predicted revenue.

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For the third time in four months, the state has fallen short of bringing in the revenues that were projected.

10:00 Governor Kasich has proposed a number of tax-related measures including a state income tax cut to get the top rate below 5%, and an increase in the business tax.  This hour we'll talk about the effects of these proposals on Ohioans of all income levels, and examine the chances the proposals have in the general assembly. Guests

  • Karen Kasler, Bureau Chief, Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau
  • Zach Schiller, Policy Matters Ohio
  • Greg Lawson, Buckeye Institute

Opponents of a proposal to phase out Ohio's graduated state income tax had a big platform to make their case Wednesday. It was a hearing of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee. Supporters of the measure charged they were short-changed.

Plan Fades To Let Voters Kill Ohio Income Tax In November

Jun 9, 2009

Ohio voters won't be getting the chance to repeal the state income tax this November after all. A group that had vowed to give them that chance says it is shelving that idea for the time being. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.

Columbus Mayor Asks For City Income Tax Increase

Apr 27, 2009

It's been almost thirty years since the city of Columbus has increased its income tax rate. Mayor Michael Coleman wants voters to approve an increase in an August special election. He said it's the only way to keep the city operating at its current level. But opponents say mismanagement is at the root of the city's economic troubles.

"We've cut to the bone. And now we're about to cut our limbs off."

Move Underway to Abolish Income Tax in Ohio

Dec 13, 2007

Ohioans who dislike taxes might get a chance to wipe out one of the state's largest.

The Ohio Libertarian Party is launching a petition drive, aimed at putting an issue onto the ballot that would abolish the state income tax and all local income taxes.

Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports, if the plan makes it onto the ballot, it's bound to face strong opposition from many Democratic and Republican officials alike.