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Nontraditional College Students

Oct 30, 2019
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The image of the typical college student is someone between the ages of 18 and 23, single and childless. 

But a new report from the United States Government Accountability Office says that 1 in 5 college students are parents. Many work full-time jobs while enrolled in classes. Many are the first in the family to attend college. And increasing numbers are military veterans.

Saraga International Grocery is opening its third Columbus location soon on Hamilton Road across from Eastland Mall.
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When Kroger closed its Linden store last year, it created a food desert in the north Columbus neighborhood. Many residents suddenly lost access to affordable and healthy food - that is, until Saraga International Grocery opened a store in the Northern Lights Shopping Center last month.

Immigrant Involvement in Civic Education

Oct 4, 2018
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Immigrants moving to Columbus face many challenges when learning to navigate their new home. One obstacle is understanding how the courts, state, and local government work. The New American Leadership Academy initiative is heading up a new program to tackle this issue.

The goal is to get more immigrants and refugees educated and involved with civics.

Today on All Sides, we talk civics for immigrants and refugees.


Rolf Pendall
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

The industrial heartland continues to struggle with the legacy of lost jobs and population. But whether it continues to be known as a rust belt or for its renewal depends on whether Ohio invests in immigrants and young people. 

Rolf Pendall of the Urban Institute acknowledges birth rates are expected to fall behind death rates in the Great Lakes region by 2030.

But he notes that 600,000 babies are born each year in the six states including Ohio. And their parents are the millennials and immigrants their communities often disparage or ignore.

Jibril Ali Aw Mohamed

Columbus has the second-largest concentration of Somali immigrants in the U.S., following Minneapolis, which has almost double the population. Stefanie Chambers, who compared the two in her book "Somalis in the Twin Cities and Columbus," says Columbus still lags behind in incorporating Somali-Americans into the community.

Economic Impact of Immigrants and Refugees

Jan 18, 2016
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According to the U.S Census Bureau, the number of foreign-born residents of Franklin County has increased from three and a half percent from 1990 to almost ten percent in 2013. Join us this hour to discuss the economic impact of a more diverse city. 


Dec 15, 2015
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In the wake of growing ISIS-backed attacks like those in Paris, national security talks are at the top of the political agenda. Donald Trump says he would even propose a total ban on Muslim immigrants into the United States. According to FBI statistics, hate crimes in America dropped in 2014, except in the category of anti-Muslim crimes, which increased about 14 percent. This hour, we're talking about the manifestation of Islamophobia and America's climate of anti-Muslim discrimination.