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Identity Fraud

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
ANDY CHOW / Ohio Public Radio

Ohio will get a share of what the state attorney general calls the largest settlement ever by a company over a breach of consumer data. Equifax will pay up to $700 million to settle the class action lawsuit filed after a huge data breach two years ago.

Tech Tuesday: Cybercrime, Online Mattress Shopping

Oct 24, 2017

Learn the difference between cyber crime and cyber security and how to protect yourself online. Also, get insider information on the pros and cons of shopping for a mattress outside of the showroom and on the internet. 

Sherrod Brown
Nick Castele / ideastream

Ohio’s Democratic U.S. Senator is introducing legislation to better protect against identity theft after data company Equifax announced a breach exposing nearly half the people in the country.

Public Affairs Publishing

The FCC headed back to court recently to defend the latest set of regulations imposed against broadband providers regarding net neutrality. In 2014, over 12 million US consumers fell victim to identity fraud. Phishing scams, hacking, and mass data breaches a few of the methods thieves use to steal your data. Join us this hour for a discussion about how to make sure your data stays in the right hands, as well as a gift guide for adults.